MIFF Announces 5th BRICS Nations Film Festival

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The festival of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) is set to take place on October 1-7, in the framework of the Moscow International Film Festival. The showcase is taking place for the fifth time.

"In these strenuous conditions related to the pandemic, we have been able to put together the festival by creatively combining online and offline approaches, and we'll be presenting an interesting and illustrative, though limited in number of films, program of features that showcases the cinema of all BRICS countries, »BRICS countries' film festival's curator Kirill Razlogov noted.

The 42nd Moscow International Film Festival Announces Jury, Main Competition Films

While compiling the competition program, the selection committee, in collaboration with film organizations and producers from each participant country, were basing mostly on regional film schools to show the audience the diversity of cultures and languages ​​in these countries.

In total, 10 films are set to be shown in the framework of the festival - two from each country. Two Russian films will represent the country: "Back To The Sarmatian Steppe" by Alexander Proshkin-senior and "Red Ghost" by Andrey Bogatyryov. The screenings are set to take place at the festival center "Oktyabr" ( 24 Novy Arbat ) and at the Moskino cinemas, where both accredited MIFF guests, participants as well as other viewers will be able to see them.

Also in the framework of the festival, the film forum "BRICS films as Hollywood alternatives" will take place. There, BRICS filmmakers will discuss the topics of filmmaking, distribution and film education.

Moscow International Film Festival Hosts Three Days of Informative Industry Sessions

The list of competition films:

"In Pieces", directed by Ruy Guerra, Brazil

"The Silence Of The Rain", directed by Daniel Filho, Brazil

1956, Central Travancore, directed by Don Palathara, India

Biriyaani, directed by Sajin Baabu, India

"Red Ghost", directed by Andrey Bogatyryov, Russia

"Back to the Sarmatian Steppe", directed by Alexander Proshkin, Russia

"All About Ing", directed by Huang Zi, China

"Saturday Fiction", directed by Ye Lou, China

Poppie Nongena, directed by Christiaan Olwagen, South Africa

"Salvation", directed by Carmen Sangion, South Africa

The embassies of BRICS countries put forward their nominees to select the festival jury. The chairperson is filmmaker and cinematographer Sergey Mokritsky (directed the film "Battle For Sevastopol"; participant of the First BRICS countries 'festival and a jury member of the Second BRICS countries' festival in China).

Moscow International Film Festival Special Screening of "Sherlock in Russia" Announced

Festival Jury:

Sergey Mokritskiy (Russia) - director, cinematographer (chairperson)

Mahima Sikand (India) - second secretary of the Indian Embassy in Moscow

Zhang Jingcheng (China) - director, actor, playwright

Madivha Aaron Mudimeli (South Africa) - the charge d'affaires at the South African Embassy in Moscow

Janna Tolstikova (Brazil) - journalist, screenwriter, producer, director, head of the international department at "TV BRICS"

After the screenings, the following prizes are set to be awarded: Main Prize for Best Film, Special Jury Prize, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress awards.

The opening of the Fifth film festival of BRICS countries will take place in the framework of the MIFF opening ceremony on October 1, at 19:00, at the Rossiya theater ( 2 Pushkinskaya square ). The festival closing ceremony is set to happen on October 7. During the event, the symbolic passing of the BRICS flag will take place, with India taking over as the festival host next year.

Cannes 2020 Special: The Festival Returns to the Croisette

The idea to hold the BRICS countries' film festival was first suggested by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at the BRICS forum in Ufa in July 2015. The offer took off and was supported by the heads of BRICS states. Thus, the festival was founded and took place in BRICS countries in turns: Delhi (India) hosted the showcase in 2016, Chengdu (China) took over in 2017, while Durban (South Africa) became the host in 2018. Finally, 2019 saw Niteroi in Brazil host the event. In 2020, the festival comes to Russia.

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