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HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, the newest animated feature from Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation, brings to the screen a high flying, magical romantic comedy from Director Genndy Tartakovsky.

Executive Produced by Adam Sandler and Robert Smigel HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA was produced by Michelle Murdocca and written by Smigel and Peter Baynham.                                                                                                                                                                                 HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA weaves a storyline that includes an overprotective father, a beautiful daughter, the crazy extended family, an annual tradition, relatives from the deep lagoon, including the ones unseen, a hidden hotel in a haunted castle and combines them to present a lethal dose of fabulous 3-D fun and out of this world fantasy.

Adam Sandler brings to life the highly watchful Dracula who for 118 years has guarded his lovely Mavis, voiced by Selena Gomez from the evils and horrible possibilities the world may hold until finally he agrees to let her go to experience life . . . well almost. After a series of escapades including a fake ambush disenchanted Mavis settles for star gazing and disappointed dreams.

Finally, as it is her 118th Birthday, her party planning dad, “Drac,” has designed a bash that put the past 118 to shame! Attended by all the relatives and extended family this party has an unexpected surprise guest, backpacking, globetrotting trekker, Jonathan, voiced by Andy Sandberg.

As Frankenstein, voiced by Kevin James, his wife Eunice, voiced by Fran Drescher, Wayne Werewolf, Steve Buscemi, and his wife Wanda, Molly Shannon and also David Spade as, Griffin the Invisible Man and rounding out the relatives, CeeLo Green as, Murray the Mummy all convene on HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA the antics, excitement and unusual happenings begin to go haywire as “Johnny Stein” steps in and changes everything. Jon Lovitz shows up as the human sniffing chef Quasimodo.

Filmed in Stereoscopic 3-D, HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA is amazingly crisp with eye popping sharp colors. It adds a look of Saturday morning cartoons creating an almost effortless feel.  As animation continues to evolve, the quality of 3-D also continues to develop and improve with greater depth, razor-sharp distinction, and crystal clear precision. The animators of HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, and all animators, work tirelessly on perfecting molds, for each character, that accompanying each movement, motion and emotion.

The painstaking process has dynamic results! The entire film is exceptional, in voice and animation, and includes many outstanding wonderfully animated and creative scenes including the Bingo game with mini skulls as the Bingo numbers, the flying table placement, and the Dance Party! HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA's a winner!

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA brings together an all star comedic cast that includes a who’s who of Saturday Night Alumni and includes some solid rocking music that could conjure spirits back from the dead.  Just in time for the Halloween’s ghouls, goblins and spook fests HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA is fun for all ages and a howling good time!

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA opens everywhere September 28, 2012.,   

Haute Tease

  • Business News: Buy, Sell, Trade – AOL, General Mills, Syngenta; Verifone, Campbell, H&R Block, Release Earnings, Chipotle Sued

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    Syngenta, the Swiss agricultural and chemical firm, and AOL, and consumer giant General Mills each separately sought to firm up the financials with buy backs, acquisitions and portfolio sales enriching the reserves heading into the fourth quarter.

  • Beltway Insider: Obama Iranian No Nuke Deal; Israel Protests; Hezbollah Celebrates; Menendez Indicted

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    President Barack Obama announced the making of an historic deal in principal, a political framework, which if fully implemented will prevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from ever obtaining a nuclear weapon creating a safer region and world.

  • HL London: New Music from the London Underground

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    I'm away for a week from tomorrow, still working but from a beach rather than the office. I'm not sure whether I'll have access to a signal reliable enough to send music to you over the next seven days, so I'm sending everything now, please digest it all at your leisure! 

  • WALT DISNEY Releases Two New Trailers from its 2013 Slate

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    From Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN franchise, and Walt DISNEY comes their newest collaboration THE LONE RANGER starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. WALT DISNEY/ PIXAR also released a new trailer for the summer 2013 release of the hilarious MONSTERS UNIVERSITY sequel to MONSTERS INC., in theaters this December.

  • Billy Graham, Christian Evangelist, Has Died

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    The Reverend Billy Graham, the Christian Evangelist who for more than fifty years preached the same message of God's Love and Redemption to President's, royalty and the world, often drawing millions in his global crusades has died. He was 99.

  • AirAsia Flight 8501 Disappears; Third Malaysian Air Disaster of 2014

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    AirAsia Flight 8501, originating from Surabaya, Indonesia, with 162 passengers and crew on board disappeared from radar nearly mid-way into its flight after encountering a wall of severe and volatile thunderstorms somewhere over the Java Sea.  

  • Money News: Top Global Markets Close Down; Shanghai Rallies

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    The DOW Jones Industrial Average, fell to the bear and closed the trading week down with stinging triple digit losses as the Wall Street mauling carried over into the top ten global markets with records highs and strong performances erased across the European and Asian Markets.

  • HL Cable, TV, Streaming: Best HBO Shows

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    HBO has offered top-notch television for decades, bringing audiences into stories of everything from romantic escapades in New York City to mobsters in New Jersey.  

  • Beltway Insider: Obama, Economic Chief Pitch EOY Fiscal Cheer; WH Presses UI Extension; Claire Davis Dies; ObamaCare Deadlines

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    President Barack Obama, feeling the heat this week as he was grilled by the White House Press Corps over his EOY account, remained upbeat while all polls and confidence indicators suggest he is closing the year at the lowest point of his Presidency.

  • Bentley Designs Signature Suite at New York’s Iconic St. Regis Hotel

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    Bentley Motor and the St. Regis Hotel New York are delighted to announce the debut of a one-of-a-kind hotel suite at the iconic Manhattan landmark, the first hotel suite design collaboration for the luxury lifestyle provider.

  • Beltway Insider: Obama Returns to WH; ISIS Hit; Global Violence Erupts; Macedonia; Hurricane Katrina

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    President Obama returned from his annual vacation renewed and ready to lobby for the passage of the historic Iranian nuclear deal that has been subject to intense scrutiny and debate from Senate members, candidates, lobbyists and pundits.

  • New Jersey Man Free After 30 Year Sentence Murders Again

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    Steven Pratt, after completing a 30 year sentence for murder, returned to his Atlantic City home to a party in his honor only to turn the festivities into tragedy with the horrific murder of his mother who planned the celebration.

  • Top 100 Suites in The World Revealed By Elite Traveler, The Private Jet Lifestyle Magazine

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    From secluded islands in the tropics to idyllic mountain settings and some of the world’s most exciting cities, no stone has been left un-turned in seeking out the most extraordinary places to stay in the world.

  • Defamation Review: Powerful, Dramatic and Poignant from Director Yoav Shamir

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    Defamation,” a documentary that explores Director Yoav Shamir’s personal views of Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and Nazi’s, in a world where the only opinions are the traditional hardline views and begs the question of its value in a post-Hitler world.

  • Stript Wax Bar - Stripping the Competition Bare

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    Katherine Goldman and Eric Schimmel are the owners of Stript Wax Bar, the sexy new boudoir dedicated to the art of waxing, located on trendy W. 3rd street in West Hollywood, California.