Beltway Insider: Mueller to Indict First Son; Putin Critic Arrested; NYC Nazi Nabbed; Madden Shooting; Neil Simon, Sen. John McCain

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Republican Senator John McCain, III, addressed his long standing feud with President Donald Trump one last time specifying in his funeral planning that the former New York Businessman was not welcome nor invited to his memorial.


McCain, the senior senator from Arizona, a two time Purple Heart recipient, and survivor of five years at the harshest Vietnam Prisoner of War Camp died Saturday after he announced Friday he would discontinue treatment for brain cancer. He was 81.

According to Gallup, President Trump job approval, over the past week, increased by two percentage points to 41% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President decreased by two percentage points to 54%.

Mueller Set to Indict First Son

Special Counsel Robert A. Mueller, who recently won huge victories in the pursuit of collusion and influencing the 2016 Presidential election, is continuing by breaking the president's inner circle and from all account is set to indict first son Donald J. Trump., Jr.

The younger Trump, according to sources, will not be indicted not for his participation in the Russian meeting which took place in Trump Tower June 9, 2016 and was designed to ensure those in charge of then candidate Trump, would have sufficient previously classified or covert intelligence that would be damaging to Democratic challenger former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton but for lying to the FBI regarding the meeting.

Beltway Insider: Trump Cuts CIA Access; Manafort Judge Threatened; PA Pedophile Priests; Aretha Franklin

"When the New York Times was about to report on email exchanges between Rob Goldstone and Trump Jr., Trump Jr. himself admitted that Rob Goldstone had stated in an email to him that the Russian government was involved and that the purpose of the meeting was to get "dirt on Clinton" and that the meeting concerned a "Russian effort to aid (the Trump) campaign." In early July 2017 allegations surfaced that President Donald Trump himself drafted Trump Jr.'s initial misleading statement," Wikipedia reports

Lying to a federal official is at minimum a five year prison sentence.

Manafort Second Trail Scheduled

Special Counsel Mueller announced the second trial for former Presidential Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort, should be completed in "ten to twelve trail days" asper a brief filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Washington.

"Manafort is set to go on trial there beginning Sept. 17 on charges of failing to register as a foreign agent, money laundering and obstruction of justice. That trial is set to open just weeks after a federal jury in Alexandria, Virginia, convicted Manafort on eight felony charges, including filing false tax returns, failing to file reports on foreign bank accounts and bank fraud, in a trial that lasted three weeks," reports.

Manafort, who was found guilty on eight counts of an 18 count indictment, with a single juror, Paula Duncan, holding out, indicating after the judge released them, she believed "Manafort to be guilty on all counts and Mueller was on a witch hunt."

Statements from Paula Duncan, that she believed, at the time of jury deliberations that Manafort was guilty and her failure to perform the duty, which clearly states, "is there any reason why if chosen as a juror you couldn't preform the duties as required."

Her negative answer, was answered factiously, as she intended to was intentionally plotting a revenge against Special Counsel Mueller for his dogged effort to find the truth could be the grounds of an appeal.

Most use the question as motive to claim Objective Observer status or to present religious reasons.

Trump Organization CFO Given Immunity

Special Counsel Mueller in his efforts to determine the extent of the president's business affairs and the legitimacy including filing false tax returns, failing to file reports on foreign bank accounts and bank fraud as well as any additional hush money and to whom has given longtime Trump Organization CFO, Allan Weisselberg, immunity.

Putin Opponent Arrested

Russian President Vladimir Putin has continued to rid the landscape of his critics with prominent Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny detained outside his Moscow home.

A progressive, Navalny had just announced the dates of pension reform rallies to take place throughout Russia when the local police showed up as he was leaving his Moscow residence and detained him.

Navalny, who spent a month in jail, was carried away from his home. A large crowd waited outside and police took his phone, The progressive challenged Putin on more than one occasion with Pension reform, of which has not happened for nearly 100 years in Russia.

Putin, who is known to meticulously rid his past from any who man have had any personal information on his ideas or plans for the United States during his pre-president days.

The majority of the men have ended dead with the last attempt occurring in a small village in Salisbury, UK where a former double agent, Sergi Skirpal and his daughter Yulia, were poisoned with novichock, a 1970's cold war Russian made chemical weapon.

NYC Nazi Guard Deported

Former Nazi Prison Guard, who defected to the United States in 1943 and became a citizen in 1956 was deported this week at the request of the German Government to stand trial for his participation in executing "Operation Reinhard."

The United State Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) served the 2004 order of deportation to Jakiw Palij, a former Nazi SS labor camp guard in German occupied Poland and a postwar resident of Queens, New York.

Palij lied about his involvement with Hitler's Third Reich for decades and remained in the U.S. fighting extradition.


Palij's removal sends a strong message:  The United States will not tolerate those who facilitated Nazi crimes and other human rights violations, and they will not find a safe haven on American soil.


Palij, who was born in what was then Poland and is now Ukraine, immigrated to the United States in 1949 and became a United States citizen in 1957. During the United States immigration and naturalization process, he concealed his Nazi service and his participation in human rights abuses. Palij lied to United States immigration officials, saying that he had spent World War II working on a farm and in a factory.


In 2001, Palij admitted to officials at the Department of Justice that he trained in 1943 at the Nazi SS Training Camp in Trawniki, in German-occupied Poland. Court documents demonstrated that men who trained at the SS Training Camp in Trawniki participated in executing "Operation Reinhard," a code name for the Third Reich's plan to murder Jews in Poland. Palij also served as an armed guard at the adjacent Trawniki Labor Camp. 


On November 3, 1943, approximately 6,000 Jewish children, women, and men who were incarcerated at the adjacent Trawniki Labor Camp were shot to death in one of the single largest massacres of the Holocaust.  By serving as an armed guard at the Trawniki Labor Camp and preventing the escape of Jewish prisoners during his Nazi service, Palij played an indispensable role in ensuring that the Trawniki Jewish victims met their horrific fate at the hands of the Nazis. 


In August 2003, a federal judge revoked Palij's United States citizenship based on his wartime activities, human rights abuses, and postwar immigration fraud. He was ordered deported in 2004, and his administrative appeal was denied in 2005.


The United States government has prioritized the identification, prosecution and deportation of Nazi war criminals since the 1970s. If you have information about foreign nationals or foreign nationals who naturalized to United States citizenship and are suspected of engaging in human rights abuses or war crimes, please call the ICE Homeland Security Investigations tip line at 866-DHS-2-ICE, or complete its online tip form.

Madden 19 Mass Shooting Kills Four

A single gunman, who died at the scene from a self-inflicted wound, opened fire at the Madden 19 NFL video gamer tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, killing four and wounding 11.

The shooting was played live as he burst into the GLHF Game bar on the Jacksonville Landing, a popular outdoor restaurant and retail complex located on the St. John River. The Madden NFL Video Game tournament is an annual event and recreates actual NFL football with the play by play called by "sportscasters" located in a gaming booth.

The gunman burst into the booth, where about 50 people had gathered and opened fire. About a dozen gunshots, can be heard before the video feed was lost, the audio remained and the cries of the wounded and the gunman's continued rampage was recorded.

Local police indicted this incident is considered a criminal act and not a terrorist attack.

"Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville confirmed to Fox News that three individuals are being treated right now, and remain in stable condition. UF Health Jacksonville confirmed that six victims were transported to the university hospital, all between the ages of 20 and 35. Those injured suffered gunshot wounds, and five are in stable condition while one remains in serious condition," FOX News reports.

Playwright Neil Simon Dies

Marvin Neil Simon, largely considered the greatest playwright of the 20th century died this week. He was 91.

Simon who began his career, just at the time television was becoming a more common media, and he with a quick wit was able to transfer his comedic ability to paper and scripts for the Sid Cesar  Show.

Born in the Bronx, in a Jewish household, he helped define Jewish humor, and over the course of his life completed about thirty screenplays, of which most had very successful runs on Broadway and turned those plays into screenplays for film adaptations.

Writing nearly one play and screenplay each year from 1961 his most well-known plays include Barefoot in the Park, The Odd Couple, The Goodbye Girl, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Biloxi Blues, California Suite, Lost in Yonkers and Jake's Women, with most going on to be successful theatrical works.

Simon, who was the recipient of many industry awards, distinguished honors, and lifetime achievements including the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, four Tony Awards, a Drama Desk Award, two Emmy Awards and six Writers Guild Awards among the many accolades he received.

All The President’s Men – Manafort Guilty on Eight Counts; Cohen Pleads

Senator John McCain Dead

Arizona Republican Senator John McCain, III, a dedicated public servant, survivor of six years in the notorious Hanoi Hilton Vietnam Prisoner of War camp, two time Presidential candidate respected by colleagues in both parties died this week. He was 81.

One year ago, McCain discovered through a routine biopsy he had an irreversible and aggressive form of brain cancer. Addressing the issue with his strong character he and his family, wife, Cindi, and daughter Meghan, he agreed to an aggressive treatment.

One year later, he and his family announced his decision to stop treatment. One day later he passed away.

As the Senator from Arizona, McCain served the people for thirty-one years. The son of a four-star admiral, he followed his father and grandfather (also a four star admiral) into the Navy. A aviator pilot, McCain flew bombing missions over North Vietnam. He was subsequently shot down and injured when he ejected from his jet. He was found by North Vietnamese soldiers who broke his solider when he was captured.

He remained in captivity six years and passed on an out of turn release refusing unless all others went home also. No one went until they all went. He explained courage and bravery under extreme and strenuous conditions. He was awarded two purple hearts.

Earning the reputation as a "Maverick" McCain thought nothing of fighting for his state. He lived a life dedicated to public service, to a nation he loved with ideals he believed in, and was willing to put others before him, even if it meant continued hardship. A conservative, he was a republican for his entire life.

McCain and his family planned his funeral over the past year, after they determined he was essentially living on borrowed time. He will lie in repose at the Arizona State Capital on Wednesday, August 29, and in Rotunda at the Capital in Washington on Friday, August 31, with a service planned at the Washington National Cathedral. Vice President Mike Pence has been invited along with past and present members of the senate and distinguished and honored guests. President Trump, who sent his condolences to the McCain family was not invited.

During the 2016 Presidential campaign then Candidate Trump debated War Hero McCain's status, indicating he preferred those who didn't get captured. Trump was disinvited to McCain's Funeral.

For more information on President Donald Trump:


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