Beltway Insider: Countdown to Sequestration; Brennan Confirmation Remains Stalled; Ashley Judd Mulls Senate Run

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President Barack Obama along with fellow democrats are facing a high noon showdown with members of the republican party as the March 1, 2013 sequester deadline, and with it financial devastation for millions, draws near.

According to Gallup, President Obama’s job approval, over the past week, rose two percentage points, to 52% of those polled approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President dropped two percentage points to 44%.

The Sequester, which will automatically go into effect with no extension in one week, will result in $85Billion in spending cuts taken primarily from those whom can least afford to lose the benefits. Unless Democrats and Republicans can find a middle ground, the Sequester will result in the immediate cut of federal programs as well as stop paychecks for federal employees. Over 600, 000 recipients of supplemental food assistance will lose their benefits; federal workers could lose up to a month of unpaid leave.  The IRS at this crucial time could lose employees to forced furloughs resulting in longer waits for tax refunds.

While each party points their proverbial ‘your fault’ finger the fact remains the blunt instrument spending cuts will deeply injure the American middle class and those dependent on governmental assistance.

Brennan Confirmation Remains Stalled

Senate confirmation hearings for John Brennan, Obama’s choice to head the Central Intelligence Agency replacing former Director David Petraeus, who  resigned after admitting to an affair, have broken down amid protest from both outside monitoring groups and hearing members.

Leading Democrats have urged committee members to move forward on a vote indicating Mr. Brennan has proven through the hearings that he is capable to lead the CIA effectively and efficiently.

The drone strikes used by the CIA to dismantled terror organizations and the civilian casualty have now come under scrutiny as the ACLU is urging Senators to wait on the Brennan vote until it is determined that his actions were legal.  

Every war has casualty and acknowledging the United States is involved in two wars, the first in Afghanistan which is ending and the second, the War on Terror that will never end is an important step in understanding the necessities in managing global terror. Drone strikes or other means necessary to destroy global terror organizations will result in civilian casualty, in a world where  children are recruited as miliant soliders it is difficult to determine the enemy, are a necessary tool to alleviate terror organizations.

Ashley Judd Considers Senate Run

Ashley Judd, the actress, humanitarian and activist, is reported to be considering a run for the Kentucky Senate pitting herself against Republican Incumbent Mitch McConnell.

Judd, who recently filed from divorce from race car driver, Dario Franchetti, has been meeting with top democrats from the Democratic Senatorial Committee in Washington DC fueling the swelling rumors of a political run from the Norma Jean and Marilyn star.

Judd’s camp has issued an ambiguous statement to the effect that Ms. Judd has not yet formalized any future plans and is considering several possible options one of which is a senate run.

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