Election 2020: Bernie 2020 Announces California Campaign Co-Chairs

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Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign announced the progressive leaders and activists who will serve as campaign co-chairs. The announcement comes ahead of Sen. Sanders' return to the Golden State for a Get Out the Early Vote rally in Richmond.

The California Co-Chairs are prominent grassroots leaders across the state: Morning Star Gali, California Tribal & Community Liaison, International Indian Treaty Council; Allen Hernandez, Inland Empire Environmental Justice Leader; Nikayla Jefferson, Lead Organizer, Sunrise Movement San Diego; Kimi Lee, Executive Director, Bay Rising; Lupe Martinez, Environmental Justice Community Advocate; and public housing resident Daisy Vega, Board Treasurer & Co-Founder, Ground Game LA.

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"Our grassroots movement in California is dedicated to uplifting the voices of local leaders and activists who fight everyday for justice," said Bernie 2020 California Grassroots Director Melissa Byrne. "That's why we are thrilled to announce our six co-chairs from across social movements and representing diverse communities all over the Golden state.Together with our strong volunteer base, we are going to continue to build the multiracial, multigenerational grassroots movement that will deliver us a victory on March 3rd."

The California state co-chairs were announced as part of a national Bernie 2020 rollout of more than 50 co-chairs in Super Tuesday states nationwide, who represent a diverse slate of progressive elected officials, local activists, and community leaders. Together, the leaders show the strength of Senator Sanders' "Not Me, Us" movement in communities across the Golden State.

Bernie 2020 has seen an outpouring of support in California -- particularly among young and Latino voters. The California campaign has built an unmatched organizing machine in California, with 105 paid staffers and 22 offices open across the state. To date, the Bernie 2020 California team has already knocked on more than 692,000 doors, held more than 7,500 canvasses, phone banks, and other direct voter contact events, have made more than 4.7 million phone calls to California voters, and have received more than 165 endorsements from elected officials.

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Meet the Bernie 2020 California Campaign Co-Chairs: 

Morning Star Gali - Project Leader, Restoring Justice for Indigenous Peoples

"As a California Indigenous woman, self-determination begins with women and our bodies. Senator Bernie Sanders has been a champion for indigenous rights and women's rights. Bernie Sanders, elevate the concerns of protecting women's reproductive rights and protecting our Indigenous environmental rights. As an Indigenous grassroots organizer for over 20+ years, that's why I'm endorsing him for president of the United States."

Allen Hernandez - Inland Empire Environmental Justice Leader

"I'm proud to endorse Bernie Sanders for a second time for President of the United States. His commitment to racial and environmental justice is clear. His Green New Deal plan captures the urgency, scale, and labor-environmental solidarity we need to deliver for fenceline communities and a planet in danger. Closer to home, his clear and demonstrated commitment to fighting irresponsible projects like warehouse offering low-wage jobs and more truck pollution shoes he understands the specifics of how to shift power away from polluters and back to the people. We are just trying to breathe, and Bernie is a breath of fresh air."

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Nikayla Jefferson - Lead Organizer, Sunrise Movement San Diego

"Bernie Sanders understands the urgency of the climate crisis and the crushing weight of it on my generation. He is the only candidate I trust to bring us through the climate crisis, into the era of a Green New Deal, and secure my livable future."

Kimi Lee - Executive Director, Bay Rising

"I support Bernie Sanders because he has been a real progressive leader for decades, pushing for community values and fighting corporate greed. We need to build our country to support everyone, not just the corporate elite."

Lupe Martinez - Environmental Justice Community Advocate

"Senator Sanders is the best candidate on environmental justice and farm workers rights. He has stood with us for decades on the issues that matter most and will continue to stand up to polluters and corporate greed as President," said environmental justice activist Lupe Martinez "We have some of the highest rates of pollution and asthma in the Central Valley due to the fossil fuel industry and big ag, so we have the most to gain from a Green New Deal. Senator Sanders has the movement and energy to make that happen."

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Daisy Vega - Board Treasurer & Co-Founder, Ground Game LA

"I endorse Bernie Sanders because of his platform of Medicare for All and a homes guarantee, and because Bernie respects all cultures, workers and community organizations. Bernie is a leader with a clear vision and a desire to move this country forward," said Daisy Vega, public housing resident, and Board Treasurer and Co-Founder of Ground Game LA. 

Positions and Organizations listed for identification purposes only, and do not imply formalized institutional support.

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