Money News: The Bear Rises, Roars, Devours; All Global Markets Crash

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The DOW Jones Industrial Average, S&P500 and the NASDAQ fell hard to the Bear's grasp, losing more than 500 points in a single day initiating a downward spiral that was repeated throughout each of the ten global markets.

The DOW opened the trading week up and by mid-day Monday and started a continual decline falling sharply by closing bell Tuesday. Without a rally insight the DOW fell more than 500 points in a single day. 

The DOW ended the trading week down at 16,459.75 (-530.94/-3.12%). Opening at 16,990.69, the DOW held a day range of 16,459.55-to-16,990.69.


Gainers include Siliconware Precision Industries Co Ltd (+1.25/+24.13%) with a closing price of $6.43 per share, Caesars Entertainment Corp (+1.15/+16.74%) with a closing price of $8.02 per share, American Woodmark Corp, also closed up at $67.80 for a gain of (+7.49/+12.42%) and Brocade Communications Systems Inc closing up at $10.59 per share for a gain of (+0.87/+8.95%)

Losers for the week include LendingTree Inc closing down at $110.88 per share for a loss of (-22.99/-17.17%), Adaptimmune Therapeutics PLC closing down at $12.53 with a loss of (-2.24/-15.17%), Intuit Inc (-13.65/-13.26%) with a closing price of $89.28 and SolarCity Corp (-5.99/-12.75%) with a closing price of $40.99.

Active for the week included Apple Inc in heavy trading moved 128.28M shares closing down at $105.76 per share with a loss of (-6.12%), Microsoft Corp in solid trading moved 70.05M shares closing down at $43.07 per share with a loss of (-5.67%), FaceBook Inc in strong trading moved 62.78M shares, closing down at $86.06 per share for a loss of (-4.97%), Intel Corp in strong trading moved 50.29M shares closing down at $26.56 per share with a loss of (-3.52%).

The NASDAQ closed down at 4,706.04 for a loss of (-171.45/-3.52%).


The S&P 500 also closed down at 1,970.89 for a loss of (-64.84/-3.19%).


World Markets

The ten most watched world markets closed the trading week down. The North American Markets including the DOW Jones Industrial, NASDAQ, S&P500, Canada's S&P TSX Composite, along with Asia's SENEX of India and the Shanghai Composite, Central Europe's London's FTSE 100, Germany's DAX, CAC 40 of France closed down as well as the Hong Kong Hang Seng, and Japan's highly traded Nikkei 225 and Mexico's IPC.

Nikkei 225

The Japanese Nikkei 225 began the trading week hitting the week high early Monday remained steady throughout Monday and by mid-day Tuesday, a slow steady decline took over and continued throughout the remainder of the week. A brief rally on Friday ignited hop only to have it dashed as the market declined and continued falling through the closing bell Friday.  

Unable to escape the Bear, the Nikkei closed the week down with triple digit losses losing almost 3.00% of its value.

The Nikkei closed the trading week down at 19,435.83 with triple digit losses of (-597.69/-2.98%). 

Gainers for the week include Hokuetsu Kishu Paper Co Ltd (+9.00/+1.22%), Oji Holdings Corp (+25.00/+4.40%), Nippon Paper Industries Co Ltd (+83.00/+3.93%), Tokyo Tatemono Co Ltd (+54.00/+3.17%).

Losers include Alps Electric Co Ltd (-265.00/-6.92), Fujikura Ltd (-44.00/-6.53%), Yamaha Corp (-196.00/-6.36%) and Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co Ltd (-140.50/-6.15%).

Active on the Nikkei include Mizuho Financial Group Inc, in 35 straight weeks of strong trading, moving 263.06M shares to close down at ¥250.30 for a loss of (-3.17%), Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc in medium trading, moved 103.85M shares to close down at ¥816.40 for a loss of (-3.94%), Tokyo Electric Power Co Inc in strong trading moved 62.16M to close down at ¥844.00 for a loss (-3.32%), Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp, in mild trading moved 39.34M shares to close down at ¥264.60 for a loss of (-1.64%).

FTSE 100

London Markets experienced a strong opening hitting the week high by Monday mid-day the rally was followed by an equally rapid decline and by mid-day Tuesday the FTSE struggled and followed the global trend continuing to decline and even with a mild rally on Friday morning  the FTSE struggled closing the week out with a loss.

The London Markets closed down at 6,187.65 with triple digits losses of (-180.24/-2.83%).

Gainers in the FTSE 100 include Royal Mail PLC (+7.20/+1.53%), Rangold Resources Ltd (+4.00/+0.09%), Barratt Development PLC (+12.00/+1.87%) and Taylor Wimpey PLC (+3.60/+1.79%).

Losers include Shire PLC (-251.00/-4.95%), easyJet PLC (-74.00/-4.35%), CRH PLC (-81.00/-4.27%), and Carnival PLC (-138.00/-4.11%).

Active on the FTSE 100 included Lloyds Banking Group PLC moving 116.05M shares in strong trading, closed down at €76.16 for a loss of (-2.79%), Glencore PLC, in mild trading moved 61.94M shares to close down at €159.75 per share for a loss of (-1.90%), Vodafone Group PLC, in light trading moved 35.17M shares to close down at €225.80 per share for a loss of (-2.86%), Barclays PLC in light trading moved 26.68M shares to close down at €257.40 for a loss of (-2.92%).

Hang Seng Index 

The Hang Seng Index began the trading week up and by mid-day Monday had reached the week high. A rapid decline followed the same pattern as other global markets. The high Monday was followed by a continual steady decline throughout the remainder of the week, with a mild rally on Friday, followed by a decline and the Hang Seng ended the trading week down with triple digit losses.

The Hang Seng closed down at 22,409.62 with triple digit losses of (-347.85/-1.53%).

Gainers on the Hang Seng Index include Henderson Land Development Co Ltd (+2.70/+5.97%), Li & Fung Ltd (+0.18/+3.29), China Mobile Ltd (+2.55/+2.60%), China Unicorn (Hong Kong) Ltd (+0.26/+2.48%).

Losers for the week include Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd (-1.25/-4.26%), Cheung Kong Property Holdings Ltd (-2.10/-3.71%), China Resources Power Holdings Co Ltd (Hong Kong) (-0.70/-3.55%), Sands China Ltd (-1.00/-3.18%).

Active trading on the Hang Seng Hong Kong Index includes Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd, in strong trading, moved 355.29M shares to close down at HK$4.91 (-2.00%), Bank of China Ltd, in heavy trading, moved 353.08M shares to close down at HK$3.86 (-2.29%), China Construction Bank Corp, in heavy trading moved 344.84M shares to close down at HK$5.78 (-2.36%), PetroChina Co Ltd in strong trading moved 117.21M shares to close down HK$6.62 (-2.65%,

Source: Bing Finance

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