Jupiter’s Red Hurricane is Disappearing; Hit by Growing Renegade Planet

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Jupiter's iconic imagery is changing, much to the disappointment of scientists around the world that have studied the third planet from the sun for hundreds of years, as its most prominent feature, the "Great Red Spot" shrinks.

"Jupiter's familiar stripes and swirls are actually cold, windy clouds of ammonia and water, floating in an atmosphere of hydrogen and helium. Jupiter's iconic Great Red Spot is a giant storm bigger than Earth that has raged for hundreds of years," NASA included in its description of the planet fifth in line from the sun.

For centuries notes astrologers have noted a hurricane type formation on the surface which swirls with such intensity that it emits a vivid red color. The counterclockwise motion of the funnel cloud appears to remain consistent with weather patterns central to Earth. The storm has a well-formed eye, that one would understand, if the composition within the cloud is consistent with the elements of a traditional hurricane, the more defined the eye of the storm translates to the intensity within the funnel.

NASA’s InSight Poised on Historical Data Collection

Jupiter's atmosphere is controlled by jet stream activity, similar to the atmospheric patterns which effects weather on the Earth's surface. The Great Red Spot, which is the scientific name, is shaped like a nuclear cooling towers, wide base that tapers as it reaches the top.

The Hubble Telescope which has opened the windows of the vastness of space and the countless galaxies within space have sent back the clearest images of Jupiter and the GRS with pinpoint precisions showing the gradating changes in the structure as well the occasional encroaching pattern change which is represented by simple words to describe the appearance in the case of Jupiter a "red brown worm" which is, in reality, a free forming cyclone cloud with similar patterns of the GRS.

For the GRS the funnel extends more than three miles high with a dimeter larger than earth. A hurricane-cloud the size of earth, static, free standing churning winds speeds of 300mph. Mile wide tornados with wind speeds of 200mph produce devastation of catastrophic damage. The wind pattern is called an "anticyclone" that has been slowing decreasing for more than 100 years. NASA has not defined the reason for the change.

The Red Spot, which stands out like a boil on the planet's surface, has winds speeds of 300mph, and remains static. It is a non-moving funnel cloud generating intense winds speeds, so much so that the coloring is picked up with infrared enhancement imagery.

Juno Jupiter Mission Produces Intense Images Released by NASA

The dimensions for centuries have remained the same. Unfortunately, as if to throw a wrench in hundreds of years of study, the dimensions recently have shrunk.

Jupiter received a wave of media attention this past week as backyard amateur astronomers captured what is now being explored as a possible interplanetary collusion between a protoplanet, a not fully formed, growing, renegade planet, ten times the size of Earth birthed from a moon orbit or escaping a near-by galaxy and whacking the huge planet creating an explosive shock waves which bounced off the planet into space creating the effect caught on telescopic cameras.

Juno Enters Jupiter's Atmosphere – No, It’s Not MARS

NASA's Juno Orbiter has relayed the most vivid pictures of the planet, which is defined by bands of sandstone type coloring, consistent with colored sand patterns, such as what tourists would purchase as a glass souvenir filled with multi-layers of colored sand from the local beaches.

Juno, NASA’s Orbital Spacecraft, Completes Jupiter Flyby

The recent 2007 fly-by presented scientists and the world with the closest images ever seen of the massive planet which is eleven times the size of Earth. For scale NASA states, "If Earth were the size of a grape, Jupiter would be the size of a basketball."

NASA's fact sheet on Jupiter also states:

  1. Jupiter orbits about 484 million miles or 5.2 Astronomical Units (AU) from our Sun. Earth is one AU from the sun.
  2. Jupiter rotates once every ten hours but takes 12 years to complete one orbit around the sun. Jupiter is a gas giant and so lacks an earth like surface. Scientist can not ascertain if the center or core of the planet is solid.
  3. Jupiter has 75 moons.
  4. Jupiter is one of the Four Rings, discovered in 1979 on a Voyager Mission. All four giant planets in our solar system have a ringed system.
  5. Explorers and scientists are fixated on the planet sending nine spacecrafts to explore the gas giant. Seven flew by and two have orbited. Juno arrived in 2016.
  6. Jupiter cannot support life as we know it. However, Jupiter's moons have oceans beneath their crust that might support life.
  7. Jupiter's Great Red Spot is a gigantic storm that's about twice the size of Earth and has raged for over a century.


Images courtesy of NASA and used with permission.

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