Flack Review – Series Offers Insiders View into World of Celeb PR Reps

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Flack, from Amazon Prime, begins its second season with a binge-worthy deep dive into the world of celebrity Public Relations, tackling the ongoing antics which lands their clients in jail, in rehab, while battling their own implosions.

Season two begins with a raid on a knocking shop, translated for Americans who will be devouring this series, a prostitution shop, and a flipped-out client, is freaking out and phone celebrity publicist, Robyn, played by Anna Paquin, who is in her own emergency as the stick has just turned blue.

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And life begins for our team at Mills Paulson PR, a group of talented, brass, and creative publicists charged with guarding the reputations, public images, and most of all ensuring the public never sees the truth behind the carefully constructed façades they have built.

Season two picks up from the events of the season one finale which saw Robyn’s work and home life collide catastrophically when she could no longer resist the temptations of her myriad of addictions. She is an addict, without a drug of choice, an anything goes addict, as long as it achieves the desired effect she is all in.

She brings with her chaos, confusion, and every destructive behavior one can imagine. She shows it by lying, cheating, stealing, and circumventing, in a killed or be killed Darwinian style mode of survival.

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We meet Caroline, played by Sophie Okonedo, an unapologetic queen of London’s PR world, and manages with sharp, blunt directions. She provides sound advice to the out-of-control Robyn, in direct and for some possibly hard to understand if one can only see the literal meaning.

She has bigger fish to fry in a shakeup that could change her business forever. Her former husband, Duncan Paulson, played by Sam Neill, arrives for a afternoon rendezvous and drops a bombshell that becomes the cliffhanger at the series end.

Throughout all this the team continue to try their best to keep the outrageous indiscretions of their celebrity clients firmly behind closed doors.

We also meet Eve, played by Lydia Wilson, a direct, candid, and for some, a rapier style, who speaks her mind without concern. The tornado Robyn becomes when she binges, last season, cut a destructive swath through the office and her relationship with Eve.

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PR intern Melody, played by Rebecca Benson, is back and with a new ally in Eve. The undercurrent of PR supremacy is clearly played out, as each of the publicist work to undermine efforts of the others and especially when it is advantageous to the furthering of their end game.

Robyn’s blame and circumventing skills are more obvious. Woven into all this heightened drama are the celebrity indiscretions from bar fights, prostitution, drugs, and social media meltdowns, and more, the team has their hands full without their own personal life meltdowns, stress, and debilitating and incapacitating personal tragedies.

Flack is streaming on Amazon Prime. See it.

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Country: UK

Year: 2020

Runtime: Six episodes/60 minutes.

Director: Alicia MacDonald, Stephen Moyer, Oliver Lansley.

Writers: Genevieve Angelson, Olivier Lansley

Producer: Hat Trick Productions, CASM Films.

Executive producers: Oliver Lansley, Anna Paquin, Helen Williams, Cerise Hallam Larkin, Stephen Moyer, Mark Larkin and Jimmy Mulville.

Cast: Anna Paquin, Lydia Wilson, Rebecca Benson, Sophie Okonedo, Genevieve Angelson, Meghan Treadway, Rufus Jones, Arinze Kene, Andrew Leung, Paul Ready, Sam Neill, Daniel Dae Kim, Martha Plimpton, Jane Horrocks, Doon Mackichan, Kevin Bishop and Paul Ready, Arinze Kene, Marc Warren and Amanda Abbington.