Gift Guide: Bright Strips Rainbow Body Art for Tots & Tweens

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Bright Stripes, a creative DIY site, introduces Spa*rkle where spa and beauty kits come in a rainbow of colors giving tots and tweens the chance to express themselves with washable pastel hair color and body art.

Spa*rkle Hair Chalk Pastels and Barrettes Set ($14.99) is a fun way to add temporary color to a few strands of hair or go bold with purple, blue or metallic pink hair stripes. All evidence of experimentation washes out in the next shampoo.

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Each of the Spa*rkle kits allow kids to feel good about themselves and have a good experience. Behind the scenes, Bright Stripes made sure none of the ingredients were derived from or tested on animals, and the glitter is ocean-safe and biodegradable.

As parents, siblings and Secret Santa’s search for the perfect (and budget friendly) present, two other kits stand out for any tween on the gift list. Beauty Rescue Kit ($14.99) is a wonderful grab and go assortment of feel-good things that can be tossed into the enclosed zippered bag.

Whether celebrating the Festival of Lights or touring the Christmas lights in the neighborhood, the holidays mean sparkle, shine, and shimmer. Tweens can create the festive look on a shoulder or arm with Spa*rkle Rainbow Festival Body Art ($19.99). Stencil in a temporary tattoo and get creative with tattoo markers, shimmer creams, and gems. Even shy tweens will want to light up the room with their designs.

Just in time for holiday shopping, Bright Stripes offers free shipping for orders over $50.

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Find all three of these sparkly kits at Spa*rkle Hair Chalk Pastels and Barrettes Set • Ages 8+ • $14.99 This hair-raising kit features four hair chalks in purple, green, orange, and blue. An additional two metallic chalks come in yellow and pink. Bright Stripes thought of everything and added four pastel barrettes plus a comb to create smooth color streaks. How-to instructions and suggestions are tucked inside each kit. All artistic expression washes away with a shampooing.

Beauty Rescue Kit • Ages 8+ • $14.99 Body butter, lip balm? Yes, please! This adorable kit has everything a tween could need for some much-needed pampering. The kit also includes a sweet pop-up brush and mirror combo, nail stickers for an instant manicure plus three knotted hair elastics. Like everything else in 2020, hand sanitizer is included! Tweens can spread everything on the bathroom counter and when done, pop everything in the clear grab & go zippered case.

Spa*rkle Rainbow Festival Body Art • Ages 8+ • $19.99. This is the wow gift that tweens didn’t know they wanted! Open-up the box and behold a body art studio with markers, stencils, sticky gems, shimmer creams and a helpful instruction sheet. Have fun using a few or all six colored markers in pink, blue, purple, green, black, and orange. Take a selfie before washing off the temp tattoo and start anew.

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About Bright Stripes

Enriching kids of all ages and stripes, co-founders and partners Sabre Mrkva and Eric von Stein have been working in the Toy and Children's Product space collectively for over 20 years. They believe in the power of creative play to empower kids to create the world they want to live in.

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With a synergistic vision for innovative products and graphics, Sabre and Eric have developed blockbuster product lines with Alex Toys, Slinky, Shrinky Dinks, Scientific Explorer, Nickelodeon, Disney, and Dylan's Candy Bar, among others. They excel at transforming inspiration into market-ready, eye-catching product packaged in dynamic, trend-right graphics. Today they have teamed up with top-quality manufacturers to create charming lines of products for kids of all stripes!