Bridal, Wedding, Tips: Ideas for Lighting an Evening Outdoor Wedding

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Outdoor weddings have never been more popular, and anyone can take theirs to the next level with an evening event. Explore these ideas for lighting an evening outdoor wedding for some tips on seamless and beautiful illumination.


There is something undeniably magical about a chic chandelier hanging from a tree. Still, these stunning pieces can hang from thick tree limbs, posts, or the roof of a pavilion or event tent. Chandeliers make a night wedding memorable because they are fabulous eye-catching tools that formalize an outdoor event while giving it an old-world regal, enchanted, vibe.

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The logistics of hanging chandeliers outside can be a little complicated, as planners will need to figure out how to power it and also account for the weight of the lighting fixture. The typical hardware store will have chains that can be used to hang it, and then you'll need to find a limb or support beam big enough to support the weight. In terms of powering the chandeliers, if using a generator, make sure it's electric because the noise of a gas one will interrupt the ceremony.

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String Lights

String lights are the most common light fixture used outside. They are versatile and lightweight, and they can cover a large area, making them very useful at large events. When hanging lights over the ceremony, they can be strung up using trees and nearby buildings. However, if you need to build a temporary post for support, simply do the following: take a flowerpot, place a metal or wood pole inside, and fill it with concrete. That way, lights can even be hung in an open field.

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There are endless string lights available for different desired effects. Tungsten lights have a retro ambiance that works great at farm themes and Gatsby-inspired weddings. Cascading lights can make the space feel like a Disney ball. Small lights, like Christmas decorations, can look like stars on a dark night. For a party atmosphere, get LED lights to change the light color during the dancing. In short, the bulb and design can significantly impact the mood.

Accent Lights

One of the benefits of getting married at night is the ability to control where people look and what they see with strategically placed accent lights. Besides the primary light source for the event, consider drawing focus on the more beautiful decorations and surrounding features of the venue using lanterns or spotlights. Also, these added accents make for great photo opportunities.

If you are looking to get married at night, make sure to take advantage of its beauty with these ideas for lighting an evening outdoor wedding.

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