Autos, Yachts, Jets: Tips to Safely Drive a Sports Car

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Exotic sports cars are the ultimate power statement. Even parked, they attract attention. Of course, driving a sports car can be like no other thrill on earth, the pinnacle in driving perfection which means safety first.

The thrill of speeding down an open stretch of highway, blowing out the pipes, testing the limits in something intense and powerful can be the dream of many drivers.

For those looking to trade up or add something new to the collection, here are a few tips for those getting behind the wheel of something exotic for the first time.

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Accelerate slowly but with power

Putting "the pedal to the metal" has never been truer than in regard to a sports car, but do so gradually; otherwise, the car could easily spin out with all its horsepower. However, the car isn't designed to mosey on by, so let the car do what it was designed to do—go fast, while still going safely.

Keep both hands on the wheel, especially as the speed increases

There's no question that one of the best parts of a sports car is its speed capabilities. Everyone wants to take the car out to an open road and bring it up to its top speed.

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However, you have to keep both hands on the wheel, as it's still a car and must be controlled by the driver. For whatever reason, some drivers believe that they can gracefully steer one-handed while they're taking the car to its top speed, but that's utterly dangerous. 

Be careful around corners

Similarly, sports car drivers seem to believe they can tear around corners, and that's not safe either.

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Just like any other car, the driver should be slowing down when approaching turns. Furthermore, never attempt drifting corners in the car—leave that to the stunt drivers and movies.

Keep up with basic maintenance

Regardless of the car purchased, any vehicle must be maintained. Between oil changes and brakes, the car will certainly need good tires. Plus, sports cars deserve quality tires as well. Luckily, there are plenty of places to get quality tires in Knoxville, TN, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Manhattan, and everywhere in between. 

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Of course, some sports cars drive best as manuals, so the driver should always be conscious of their shifting habits. In order to safely drive a sports car and avoid stalling, the driver should always shift quickly but smoothly. Nothing is more awkward than seeing someone in a Ferrari stalled because they don't know how to drive their car. Don't be that person.