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Romney's Recovery - Road to the White House -Election 2012 - Week Nine

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Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has once again regained the front runner position, over challenger Rick Santorum, with a week of win’s leading into Super Tuesday’s ten state contest.

USA Today Political Poll Tracker as of March 3, 2012 places Romney, now leading the pack in popularity, nationally, at the top with 36.7%, Santorum’s, second with 27.3%, Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, at 15.3% and Texas Representative Ron Paul at 9.7%.

Romney’s come from behind victory in his home state of Michigan with 41% of the vote over upstart challenger Rick Santorum with 37.9% resulted in an even spilt of the delegates awarded, each walking away with fifteen. Texas Representative Ron Paul placed third with 11.6% and Newt Gingrich, fourth with 6.5%.

Arizona, clearly a stronghold for the former Massachusetts governor, also held a primary this week. Mitt Romney, handily won Senator John McCain’s home state with 47.3%; former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, a distant second with 26.6% of the vote; Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul finished third and fourth with 16.2% and 8.4% respectfully.

Two non-binding caucus were held in Wyoming and Washington. Mitt Romney walked away victorious in both earning bragging rights with a symbolic win etched in the leader column. Delegates from Non-binding contests are awarded at a later date.

Washington State’s Presidential Preference caucus also went to GOP Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney resulting in a week of wins for the former beleaguered presidential hopeful who turned the tables on shadow challenger Rick Santorum, who is walking into Super Tuesday, still in the race with a message that resonates and numbers to prove it.

Hot topic issues included a continued firestorm as hard line right winger Rush Limbaugh continuing the extremist Republican jihad on female reproductive health care, concerns and independence, a war that began with the first Birth Control advocate Margaret Sanger in 1916, made the world aware that women who chose Birth Control are sluts.

The next GOP Primaries, Super Tuesday, will be held this week, March 6, where 419 delegates are up for grabs and will reshape the Republican Presidential pack as they gear up for the August republican Convention that will decide the Republican presidential nominee.

The 2012 Delegate Tracker has Mitt Romney with 173; Santorum, second at 87; Newt Gingrich with 33; and Ron Paul with 20 delegates toward the 1,144 needed to secure the Republican Nomination for President.

Coming Sunday detailed Super Tuesday results, reaction and commentary.



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