Beltway Insider: Biden Transition, Trump/GSA, Electoral, COVID Surge, Mossimo, JFK Assassinated

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President-elect Biden who, for all intents and purposes, has officially been declared the winner of the 2020 Presidential election is still facing the Trump organization who are determined to overthrow the alleged victory to ensure a second term.

The President's job approval rating, according to the website, for the period ending November 14, 2020, decreased by .06 percentage points to 44.2% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness increased by .03% percentage points to 52.4%. A slight 3% of the population polled have no opinion. Ratings are calculated weekly.

Trump Stonewalls Biden Transition

The Trump appointed GSA director, Emily Murphy, has remained methodical in addressing her duties as to the ascertainment of the apparent winner of the 2020 Presidential election.

Beltway Insider: Biden Transition, Day 1 EO, Trump Stonewalls, Georgia, COVID Surge, Sex Abuse

Even as for all intents and purposes the apparent winner of the 2020 Presidential election Joe Biden, the electoral college has until December 14, 2020 to certify the win. And subsequently can delay the ascertainment process until that date.

"The formal presidential transition doesn’t begin until the administrator of the federal General Services Administration ascertains the "apparent successful candidate" in the general election. Neither the Presidential Transition Act nor federal regulations specify how that determination should be made. That decision green lights the entire federal government’s moves toward preparing for a handover of power," the Associated Press reported.

When the GSA director moves forward the federal government then moves forward with the transition of power providing access to security briefings, the Presidential Daily brief, federal funds, office space and access to the coronavirus vaccine distribution plan.

President-elect Biden should be certified on December 14, 2020 as the 2020 Election winner, he is clearly capable and with eight years in the White House, he shouldn’t require more than five weeks of transition nor need on the job training.

Final Electoral Tally Certified

The 2020 Election has become a classroom in the Electoral College, which American voters, especially those new to the election process, understand as the final authority on the election process.

Written in the laws of the Electoral College are the certification process. The first step begins on election night, when after the polls close the state is designated for the candidate that secured the majority of votes. Rules are written to trigger automatic recounts if the race is within a certain percentage.

After recounts, and challenges are presented and determinations assessed, the state must certify the total electoral votes allotted the state, which is determined once every decade through the U.S. Census.

The electoral college rules state, "on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December, the electors meet in their respective States to cast their votes for President and Vice President of the United States."

For 2020, this date is December 14, 2020.

World News: Viva La France, The Second Wave, Resilience and The Future

Trump Skips G20 Coronavirus Meet

"Trump participated in the opening ceremonies of the virtual summit hosted by Saudi Arabia with the rest of the G-20 leaders. The president later went to his golf course, Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, where he’s spent the last several weekends since losing the presidential election," MSNBC reported.

President Donald J. Trump participated in the first day of the virtual G20 Leaders Summit on November 21, 2020.  President Trump discussed with other world leaders the need to work together to restore strong economic growth and jobs as we overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.  

During his remarks, President Trump highlighted how the United States marshaled every resource at its disposal to respond to the crisis, as well as the unprecedented economic recovery of the United States on a foundation of tax and regulatory cuts, energy independence, and fair trade deals.  

He spoke about the aggressive actions and safety measures the United States took to protect the vulnerable, pioneer groundbreaking treatments, and develop vaccines and therapies at record-setting speed, which will save millions of lives.  President Trump also reaffirmed the importance of the G20 working together for future economic growth and prosperity.

Coronavirus Totals

The infection rates of the coronavirus have alarmingly increased around the world. The weekly account confirms that a second wave is building with European nations enforcing shutdowns for, at minimum, one month. The importance of maintaining personal protective practices is imperative to controlling the spread.

For the week ending November 22, 2020, coronavirus cases increased globally by 4,467,200 confirmed cases, brings the total of confirmed cases worldwide to 58,475,300, with 1,384,200 deaths, an increase of 72,300 over the week.

Infections rates in the United States are also on the rise. For the week ending November 22, 2020, the total confirmed cases rose to 12,372,000 with new confirmed cases rising on average by 170,000. The coronavirus has claimed 256,842 total deaths, a weekly increase for 11,082 deaths. (Data from The New York Times).

With a daily average in the United States of 170,000 confirmed new cases, the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday, and all it entails from travel to family gatherings, can become a super spreader event.

While no one wants to temperature check family members invited for gatherings, it is important to understand the virus can hang in the air after one sneeze for three hours. Impress upon guests to maintain hand washing, and other virus control protocols.

Be the first line response this year to fighting the Coronavirus. If missing Thanksgiving dinner or holiday get togethers will stop, slow, or stall the spread, then consider a smaller, intimate gathering.

Remember our troops sacrifice Thanksgiving each year to defend our freedom, let’s unite with them this year.

President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., has tested positive for the coronavirus. Also, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, 87, (R-IW), has tested positive. Both are under "quarantine" and are following CDC protocol.

Pandemic Leads the News Stories for 2020

The Coronavirus global pandemic is swiftly becoming the most talked about and covered story of 2020. Unfortunately, it is continuing to lead the cancellation of 2020 events.

This week the city of New Orleans announced the annual Mardi Gras Celebration that brings millions into New Orleans to celebrate Fat Tuesday will go on, much along the lines of the upcoming Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which will appear as usual on NBC Thursday, November 26, 2020 at 9:00am EST, sans the millions of spectators who usually line the streets to enjoy the traditional entry in the Christmas Season.

Anti-Terror Software Resurfaces Decades after Theft

FAA Certifies Boeing 737 MAX

The crippled aviation industry received a small boost this week as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rescinded the order which grounded the fleet, after it had been determined sensor override failure had caused the crash of two 737 Max jets killing 346 passengers and crew members.

The 20-month long investigation was a first in the United States and reverberated globally resulting in every aviation governing body in every nation grounding the MAX 737 fleet. China Continues to Ground Boeing 737.

The MAX 737, even with the rescinded order will not return to the skies immediately. Those planes which have set on the tarmac during the grounded will undergo airworthiness recertification as well as pilot simulator trainings.

"In addition to rescinding the order that grounded the aircraft, the FAA today published an Airworthiness Directive (PDF) specifying design changes that must be made before the aircraft returns to service. The FAA must approve 737 MAX pilot training program revisions for each U.S. airline operating the MAX and will retain its authority to issue airworthiness certificates and export certificates of airworthiness for all new 737 MAX aircraft manufactured since the FAA issued the grounding order. Furthermore, airlines that have parked their MAX aircraft must take required maintenance steps to prepare them to fly again," the FAA announced.

Fashion Designer Mossimo Giannuli Reports to Prison

Fashion Designer Mossimo Giannuli, reported to prison this week to begin his five-month sentence after pleading guilty to his role in the Varsity Blues Admission scandal which also landed his wife, actress Lori Loughlin, behind bars.

The pair had been among the first group of fifty wealthy couples, who were indicted in what has continued to uncover pay for admission to elite university through a variety of fraudulent methods, including recruiting and securing key sports coaches to attest the applicants were under consideration for athletic scholarships.

The actress Felicity Huffman had also been indicted. She has since completed her debt to society.

Medical Science: COVID-19 Danish Mask Study Published

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Assassinated

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while riding in an open motorcade through the streets of Dallas, Texas.

His assassination, captured by amateur videographer, Abraham Zapruder, showed the president, alone without his security detail coverage, sitting with Texas Governor John Connelly, and their wives, First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, and Texas First Lady Nellie Connelly.

A dozen agents rode one car length behind the president, unable, and possibly unwilling to intervene should a critical situation arise. At 12:30pm CST three shots were fired on the motorcade striking the president first in the throat and the second on the right side of the President’s head. Rushed to Parkland Hospital, he was declared dead.

The events of that day have been etched into the psyche of the nation. Filmmakers haunted by that day, legal scholars, laymen, and even students, nearly two generation removed from 1963 all have opinions, and all differ from those concluded by the investigating body.

Charged with investigating the assassination the nation’s legal scholars led by Supreme Court of the United States Chief Justice Earl Warren, Warren Commission of which sitting Associate Justice Stephen Breyer for a time acted as factchecker for the commission, the men determined Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing the president. He was murdered by Jack Ruby, on national television, as he was being moved.

The recent release of FBI documents surrounding the life of Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. paints a portrait of an FBI, led by J. Edgar Hoover that could open another chapter in the investigation of the murder of John F. Kennedy.

Constitutionally legal scholars have held to the rights to privacy and have been unwilling to venture into the personal life, and as has been wildly circulated his sexual addiction. In the 1960s sexual proclivities would never have been presented as a determining factor in the assassination of the president.

Given Hoover rigid lines, as seen in the recently released MLK/FBI documentary, the ideal of a moral leader with no control over his own sexuality, would be against the very essence of J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI.

Hoover who had to endure countless hours of surveillance of the President in what has been, over the years, less than in order to restore honor to the White House

After years of reports detailing the president involved in illicit and extra martial affairs decided the only way to restore honor to the White House was to have the president assassinated.

The good, in the mind of Hoover, that would come from restoring the White House to a place of honor, the blunt force trauma and long term PTSD society would suffer because of the action he expected to be a quelling factor.

Kennedy flaunted his infidelities which Hoover felt was a betrayal off the office, the American people, and his wife and family. To Hoover, JFK was morally corrupt and Hoover’s thought process, honor must be restored to the White House and the only way to end this continual dishonor was to end his presidency.

Unfortunately, Kennedy’s personal life and infidelities were never considered as possible motive or even more disturbing that a sitting FBI director would determine it to be sufficient cause for a plan so disturbing that the very fabric and foundation of America would permanently suffer.

For more information on President Donald Trump

Sources: Various © Articles covered by Copyright protection.

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