Home, Decor: Indoor Spring-Cleaning Checklist Provides Safe Home Tips Against COVID-19 Spread

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As the Coronavirus accelerates across the nation, homeowners are spending more time indoors making this the optimum time to take the opportunity to conduct or supervise a deep spring cleaning. Here is a brief checklist to start.

Sorting through the clutter, room by room, tackling the garage or attic, organizing closets, tossing or donating clothing or furniture will not only create a cleaner environment, it will make homeowners and apartment dwellers feel much better about their living space this season.

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Once the stay indoors orders are lifted, the last thing anyone will want to do is stay inside, so turn off the television, shut down the computer, set aside the procrastination and begin with a simple strategy.

Make sure if a service is used to take extra precaution and engage in personal preventative measures, such as social distancing even in providing directions, hand washing for at least 20 seconds, and coughing and sneezing into elbows.

With that said, follow this indoor spring-cleaning checklist to sanitize your home to reduce viral infections.


The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in the whole house. Therefore, it’s not surprising that it cooking splatter can hide in stove tops, exhaust hoods, and under the burners which always seems to collect crumbs


Beginning with the appliances, toaster bottoms should be opened and crumbs removed, microwave cleaned inside and out, make sure when the interior plate is washed to be careful so not to break, chip, or crack the microwave plate, They are a difficult item to replace. All other small appliances coffeemaker, blender, cappuccino/espresso can be separated and each section, be thoroughly cleaned. 

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Also, as many have purchased an overabundance of in case supplies, take an afternoon to organize. Empty the pantry, and all other supply closets, and take a quick inventory of items needed or not. Of course, a deep clean in the kitchen includes the refrigerator. Now is the time to remove half used jars from last year. The pandemic has created a need to watch the spread of germs, let's extend that to the home and toss those jars of whatever before penicillin grows.

Is the freezer full of fresh or freezer burned food? Remember the movie, Mother with Albert Brooks and Debbie Reynolds, and the scene with the freezer burned ice cream. Folks, it's time to toss it. Warm soapy water, followed with a antibacterial wipe on surfaces inside and out.

The exterior of the refrigerator, microwave and all hard surfaces in the kitchen need wiped down with an anti-bacterial wipe periodically throughout the day.

Finally, reorganize all cabinets and shelves.


Organization is key to efficiently clean the bedrooms. Begin with drawers and closets. It’s easy to go through any old clothes and sort them into piles: keep, donate, or throw away. This will help reduce the the time needed to clean and provide ample reason to shop when store reopen. 

As in the kitchen, all hard surfaces need to be wiped down with an anti-bacterial wipe especially doorknobs, drawer handles, alarm clocks, lamp stands and on/off switches (for anything) any surfaces hands touch. 

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Of course this is the perfect time to switch decor. All winter bedding, pillows, shams, curtains, blankets. Prepare to have all items sent out or wash and store. Laundromats are open during this time. So bulk items could be sent (with the kids) to the laundromat and bedrooms could be ready for spring and summer.  Mattresses can also be rotated to  increase its longevity.

Living Room

Like each room, after initial cleaning wipe down every hard surface with an anti-bacterial wipe. All computer cords, all laptops, any hard drives, chargers, television remotes, gaming device controls, any frequently used surface needs daily anti-bacterial maintenance.

For the living room, vacuum the area. Make sure to move furniture to reach the dust bunnies that have gathered in corners, under surfaces, in those hard-to-reach places.

As it is spring cleaning take the decorative pillows and if washable, send with the other bulk items to the local laundromat. Also, clean the dust behind the flat screen. With other areas such as screening rooms, recreation rooms, wine cellars, all interior rooms where there is day to day activity should be included in the deep cleaning and the frequently used surfaces need to be wiped down with an anti-bacterial wipe. 

Pool furniture and the guest house or exterior rooms, should be cleaned and all frequently used surfaces wiped down.


Like the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in your home. This may require a deeper cleaning than other rooms in the home. Start with any hands-on cleaning, such as organizing cabinets, drawers, and shelves. All washable items rugs, shower curtain (toss and replace or wash), can be completed at home.

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Dispose of old medicine or toiletries and replace them as needed. No one needs to explain the bathroom cleaning ritual. What many miss in general cleaning are the surfaces under the faucets, behind the toilet, or hidden in the corners of the supply closet or under the sink. These are the areas that need real focus, the hidden crevices, corners, and unseen areas. To guard against build up on the shower curtain spray the inside with Lysol. 

A Linen closet is also part of the bathroom/bedroom cleaning so old towels out or cut into rags, linens out, if the material is weakened, threadbare or if its just time for new linens, towels, sheets, bedding. Remove the old, wipe down the interior of the closet, fold and replace neatly.


Lastly, there are some general indoor cleaning spots to hit. Dust all ceiling fans and light fixtures, and clean windowsills and tracts to keep these areas tidy. Test all smoke detectors and replace the batteries. Also, more than once a day use an anti-bacterial wipe on all doorknobs, handles, switches, remote control devices, Venetian blinds, or other frequently touched surfaces. These will help kill any harmful germs in those spots.

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