Beltway Insider: G-7 Leaders Present United Agenda; U.S. Ukraine Pledge Loyalty; May Job Numbers

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President Obama and the leaders of the G-7 met this week to discuss Climate, Food Scarcity, Energy, and Terrorism issues central to all nations in the search for solutions to these long term concerns that erode mankind's hope and the pursuit of betterment.


According to Gallup, President Obama's job approval, over the past week dropped one percentage points to 43% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President decreased one percentage points to 51%. 

G-7 Leaders United

President Obama and the leaders of the G-7 met this week to discuss issues central to all nations and exclusive to each economy represented. Upon completion the governments issued a summary of the meetings as it was determined the nations are unquestionably united in thought, idea and implementation.

Essential to the discussions were foreign policy, not only specific to the Ukraine/Russian elections, developments and outcome, but also  war, unrest and terror hotspots around the world including Syria, Mali, Central Africa, Iran, Libya and Afghanistan.

Coming away from the annual G-7 Summit, held in Brussels Belgium as Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin remained excluded, suspended from participation over the violation of territorial sovereignty of neighboring Ukraine, the seven largest global economies agreed to maintain sectored, economic and diplomatic sanctions until the embattled leader returns Ukraine to pre-invasion structure.

The leaders of the seven largest economies, including the U.S., Great Britain, Germany, Japan, France, Canada, Italy, along with the Chairman of the European Union, have impressed upon Putin the need from him to maintain his pre-election vow to honor the outcome of the May 25 election.

 "Russia also must use its influence to cease its support for the separatist elements in the east, to use their influence to press those separatists to disarm and pursue a reduction of tensions, and to negotiate with the government in Kyiv going forward.  We also want to see Russia stop the flow of arms and materiel and people across the border that is destabilizing the situation in eastern Ukraine," said Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes.  

Energy Dependency and Climate Control

In response to the recent coercion initiated against Ukraine by President Putin in his attempts to destabilize the pre-election government structure, the G-7 leaders took on the issues of energy dependency and climate control.

Creating energy self sufficiency has become a global issue as Energy Ministers from the G-7 met in Rome recently to determine the strategy that can be implemented to determine pathways to strengthen energy security.

No new technologies or other energy developments were presented. The issue of rare earth elements and China's stranglehold on the global economies as the sole miner and major exporter of the elements necessary in the development of energy saving techniques from wind turbines to hybrid vehicles to energy saving light bulbs was not discussed or information not publically disseminated.

Terrorism, Gender Equality and Human Rights

As a global unit and governing body, the G-7 issued the following statement on human rights, terrorism, freedom and gender equality.

"We reaffirm our commitment to the protection and promotion of all human rights and fundamental freedoms, including religious freedom, for all persons. We recognize the need to show unprecedented resolve to promote gender equality, to end all forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls, to end child, early and forced marriage and to promote full participation and empowerment of all women and girls. We look forward to the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict taking place in London later this month.

We reiterate our condemnation of terrorism and our commitment to cooperate in all relevant forums to prevent and respond to terrorism effectively, and in a comprehensive manner, while respecting human rights and the rule of law. We condemn the kidnapping of hundreds of schoolgirls by Boko Haram as an unconscionable crime and intend do everything possible to support the Nigerian government to return these young women to their homes and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

We confirm that non-proliferation/disarmament issues remain a top priority and welcome the G-7 Non-proliferation Directors Group statement issued today."

Food Scarcity and Nutrition

The issues of Food Scarcity and Nutrition were also part of the G-7 agenda.

G-7 leaders continue to strongly support "comprehensive approaches to achieve global food security and nutrition and welcomed the progress made by the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition under strong African leadership."

Food shortage was only discussed broadly without actual facts, numbers or nation specific issues being discussed.

European Union

Global power shifted with the inauguration of Petro Poroshenko and the continuing growth of the European Union which now represents 28 countries thought Eastern and Central Europe.

The G-7 recognized the power shift with unofficial engagement of the chairman as an unofficial member of the power group.

The EU presently consists of 28 nations with a total represented population of over 500million.

U.S. Ukraine Loyalty

President Obama met this week with Ukraine President-elect Petro Poroshenko during the extended Poland U.S. alliance meeting in Warsaw.

The Ukraine situation has cast the newly elected President into the center of a global political confrontation reminiscent of John F. Kennedy's 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis as the United States, as well as every leader of the seven largest economies, stared down the defiant and determined aggression of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

 "What the Ukrainians said in the election that resulted in President-elect Poroshenko's inauguration on Saturday is that they reject that past.  They reject violence.  They reject corruption.  And what they're interested in is the opportunity for Ukrainians to make their own decisions about their own future -- a future in which if people work hard, if they are willing to educate themselves and apply themselves, that they can succeed and that they can choose their own representatives, and that those representatives will look out for their interests and not the interests of only those in power," the President said.

Although Putin has not issued any statements since the May 25 Ukrainian election, that affirmed the will of the people, his actions leading up to the election lend to the conclusion a belief that Crimea belongs to Russia.

President Elect Poroshenko acknowledged in his remarks a continuing problem with the Crimean Peninsula and the difficulties anticipated in its restoration to a united Ukraine as well as restoring law and order to the unstable regions that were continually undermined by a concerted destabilization effort.

"I think that our top two very important issue -- we thank you for supporting Ukraine in solving our Crimea problem.  We demonstrate that -- the whole world demonstrate the solidarity in Ukraine in not accepting the aggression in Crimea, in not accepting this whole fake referendum, and not accepting the annexing of the part of Ukrainian territory.  And all the time we will demand restoring law and order, and withdraw the foreign troops from the Crimean territory," said President Poroshenko.

President Putin, in his recent effort to carve out sections of the Ukraine also used the lack of developed energy systems to intimidate its neighbor. Resorting to bullying tactics have brought the underdeveloped energy systems and the lack of renewable energies of the Ukraine and other EU and third world nations into a global debate on development.  

 "G-7 leaders pledged to accelerate help for Ukraine and other European countries seeking to develop their own hydrocarbon resources and renewable energies, as well as to improve energy efficiency.  Working bilaterally and through international organizations, G-7 countries intend to provide technical assistance and leverage private sector investment.  The United States is advancing programs to help Ukraine safely and responsibly develop domestic natural gas resources, reform the energy sector, reduce wasteful energy consumption, expand "reverse flow" pipeline connections with its neighbors, and diversify nuclear fuel sources," said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

This action will bring efforts across all nations to assist the micro-economics argument, or self sufficiency of a nation's infrastructure, into the global, national and international debate.  

Obama Sends Delegation to Inauguration

Vice President Joseph Biden, along with The Honorable Geoffrey R. Pyatt, United States Ambassador to Ukraine, Department of State, The Honorable John McCain, United States Senator, Arizona, The Honorable Ron Johnson, United States Senator, Wisconsin, The Honorable Chris Murphy, United States Senator, Connecticut, were among the designated official delegation to attend the inauguration of Ukraine President elect Petro Poroshenko.

Also attending as part of the appointed delegation were The Honorable Marcia "Marcy" Kaptur, Member of the United States House of Representatives (OH-9), The Honorable Daniel B. Baer, United States Representative to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Department of State, The Honorable Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, Department of State.

President Obama has maintained a strong and consistent message of support for the new Ukraine, the president elect and the opportunity the Ukrainian people has taken in challenging the iron rule of Russia and vetoing the old way opting for the unknown but clearly globally supported change.

Vice President Biden retuning from the Ukraine pledged additional monies to assist in stabilizing the current law enforcement community, building united support for Ukrainian patriotism, allegiance and unity initiatives and conduct key reforms.

"Pending consultation with the U.S. Congress, this assistance will follow the $1 billion loan guarantee signed on April 14, a $50 million crisis-response package announced by Vice President Biden on April 21, and $23 million in security assistance announced to date. When added to previously budgeted funds, the United States is providing over $184 million in assistance to Ukraine this year in addition to the loan guarantee," as reported in a release statement from the Office of Vice President.

May Job Numbers

The U.S. economy added just over 200,000 jobs in May, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics, confirming the continued slow, steady and consistent, economic growth.

The total number of jobs added, 216,000, did little to change the unemployment rate which remained unchanged at 6.3%.

Employment sectors, Professional Services, healthcare, name the others, remained steady continuing to provide the majority of the employment opportunities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also recorded data indicating the growth of employment in 352 of 372 major metropolitan areas including both the eastern seaboard and western wall.  Employment throughout the Midwest metropolitan areas including midland Texas has also increased. The Los Angeles, Dallas, Ft. Worth and Tri State, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut represent the top three major metropolitan areas that represent the largest one year employment growth.


For more information on President Barack Obama:


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