Money News: US, Asian, European Markets Rally; All Close Up

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The four major U.S. Indices, Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ, S&P 500 and Russell 2000 rallied over the past week as investors returned to the business of investing, regaining confidence set a rally in motion leading to a global recovery.


The DOW opened at 17,208.78 as the markets regained footing, looked up and stayed up throughout the week experiencing huge gains. With the DOW continuing with upward momentum, a strong rally ushered in triple digit gains for the week capping a volatile October.  The rally was enough to propel the DOW back into the 17,000's with the market closing up at 17,390.52 a gain of (+195.10/+1.13%).

The winners for the week include Exxon Mobil Corporation (+2.26/+2.39%) trading with a closing price of $96.71 per share, Chevron Corp (+2.75/+2.35%) closing up at $119.95 per share and E I du Pont de Nemours & Company at $69.15 per share up (+1.49/+2.20%).

Technology stocks were active on the DOW throughout the past week with Intel Corp in heavy trading moved 52.09M shares closing up at $34.01 with a gain of +4.39%, General Electric in medium trading moved 39.96M shares for a gain of +0.55% closing at $25.81 per share, Microsoft Corp moved 35.85M shares in medium trading for a gain of +1.95% closing at $46.95 per share, Cisco Systems Inc moved 30.38M shares in medium trading to close at $24.47 up +1.62%

The NASDAQ ran alongside the DOW and recovered strongly with solid double digits gains. The NASDAQ closed up at 4630.74 with a gain of (+64.60/+1.41%).

The S&P 500 also experienced small gains closing slightly up at 2018.05, with a gain of (+23.40/+1.17%).

Russell 2000 closed up, experiencing smaller double digit gains, at 1,173.51 with a gain of (+17.74/+1.53%).

World Markets

The ten most watched world markets Canada's S&P TSX Composite, the Dow Jones Industrial Average of the U.S., Mexico's IPC, London's FTSE 100, CAC 40 of France, Germany's DAX, the SENEX of India, the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index, Japan's Nekkei 225 and the Shanghai Composite rallied with all experiencing strong solid gains, possibly on the fizzle of the Ebola virus effect in the U.S.

Nikkei 225

The Japanese Nikkei 225, recovered over the past week steadily advancing and closed up rallying with major triple digit gains closing at 16,413.76 with a gain of (+755.56/+4.83%). 

Gainers for the week include Mitsubishi Estate Co Ltd Ltd (+377.00/+15.59%), Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd   (+105.00/+12.50%), Tokyu Fudosan holdings Group (+86.00/+12.48%) and Sumitomo Realty & Development Co Ltd (+447.50/+12.27%),

Losers include Casio Computer (-90.00/-4.95%), Fujitsu Ltd (-25.70/-3.72%), NGK Insulators, Ltd (-86.00/-3.50%) and Pacific Metals Co Ltd (-6.00/-1.71%).

Movers on the Nikkei include Mizuho Financial Group moved 320.90M shares in heavy trading and closed up at ¥200.00 for a gain of(+2.56%), Mitsubishi UFJ Financial in medium trading moved 114.80M shares to close up at ¥632.20 per share for a net gain of (+3.98%), Unitika Ltd in strong trading moved 83.77M shares and closed up at (+2.08%) at ¥49.00 per share and Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corp in light trading at 68.19M shares to close up at ¥290.00 per share for a net gain of (+5.26%).

FTSE 100

London Markets, in moderate trading, mirrored the U.S. DOW and managed to gain slightly also closing up at 6546.47 with a gain of (+82.92/+1.28%).

Big winners in the FTSE 100 include Barclays PL (+18.25/+8.20%), Royal Bank of Scotland (+22.70/+6.21%), International Consolidated Airlines Group (+18.50/+4.74%) and St. James's Place PLC  (+32.50/+4.56%).

Losers include Randgold Resources Ltd (-101.00/-2.67%), Fresnillo PLC (-19.00/-2.65%), Direct Line Insurance Group PLC (-5.50/-1.95%) and Tui Travel PLC (-2.20/-0.55%).

Active on the FTSE 100 includes Lloyds Banking Group moved 235.08M shares continuing its run with a sixth straight week of solid trading to close up at €77.13 for a gain of +2.61%, Vodafone Group PLC moved 61.99M shares, also riding a sixth week of solid trading closed up at €207.30 with a gain of +0.41% and Barclays PLC moved 184.92M shares closing at €240.80 for a net gain of +8.20%.

Hang Seng Index

The Hang Sang Index, always a roller coaster, mirrored the Shanghai Composite as the three major Asian markets performed solidly and closed up at 23,998.06 also with triple digit gains of (+296.02/+1.25%).

Gainers on the Hang Seng Index include Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd (Hong Kong) (+2.60/+5.16%), Want Want China Holdings Ltd (Hong Kong) (+0.38/+3.73%), Hengan International Group Co Ltd (+2.55/+3.22%), Sands China Ltd (+1.40/+2.99%).

Active trading on the Heng Seng Hong Kong Index includes Bank of China Ltd moving, in heavy trading, 506.50M shares closing up HK$3.71 and China Construction Bank Corp in heavy trading moved 310.68M shares closing up at HDK$5.78 with a gain of (+1.05%).

Losers for the week include Galaxy Entertainment down (-0.80/-1.62%), CITIC Ltd (-0.602/-0.15%) and Lenovo Group Ltd (-0.06/-0.52%).

Source: Bing Finance

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