Money News: DOW, NASDAQ, S&P; Top Ten World Markets Close Up

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The DOW Jones Industrial followed an identical trading pattern set in the early opening Asian markets to begin the week fluctuating with deep declines and by mid-week gaining strength and momentum to end the trading week up.

The DOW opened leap year Monday down at 16,618.50 and began an impressive rally by mid-morning gained nearly 100 points. Within seconds the DOW rolled over the top of the hill and fell into an immediate downhill slide closing leap year Monday at 16,516.50, the week low for the DOW, losing over 100 points for the day.

Tuesday opened up gaining 85 points on the bounce, at 16,601.28. The DOW continued to move up by mid-morning gaining more than 100 points, by early afternoon the DOW stood at an impressive 16,848.26 a gain of 247 points and closed Tuesday at 16,865.08.

The DOW opened Wednesday down, dropping 31 points, on the bounce at 16,834.53. After a sharp jagged morning the DOW leveled out after falling to 16,784.27 by mid-morning and closed the day up at 16,899.32.

The DOW opened Thursday down and managed to ride out the small rolling rally/declines to close the day at 16,943.90.

Opening Friday, the DOW bounce up and immediately fell. An impressive rally brought the down back by mid-morning to 17,026.22 where it continued a strong rally to close the week up and also hit the week high of 17,052.41 by mid-afternoon before a slight falling to end the trading week up.

The DOW closed the trading week up with steady double digit gains at 17,006.77 (+62.87/+0.37%). The DOW held a day range of 16,898.84-to-17,062.38.

Gainers Builders FirstSource Inc (+1.14/+13.q8%) with a closing price of $9.79 per share, Stratasys Ltd closing up at $27.64 per share for a gain of (+3.11/+12.68%), Golar LNG ltd closing up at $18.93 price per share (+1.74/+9.57%) and Starz closing up at $28.25 per share for a gain of (+02.14/+8.20%).

Losers for the week include Symantec Corp closing down at $16.62 per share for a loss of (-3.90/-19.01%), Ambarella Inc closing down at $42.11 with a loss of (-4.13/-8.93%), Cal-Maine Foods Inc (-4.90/-8.86%) with a closing price of $50.38, and ZIOPHARM Onocology Inc closing down at $8.95 for a loss (-0.64/-6.67%).

Active for the week included Apple Inc in solid trading for the week moved 46.06M shares closing up at $103.01 per share for a gain of (+1.49%), Micron Technology Inc, in strong trading moved 35.28M shares, to close up at $11.87 per share for gain of (+0.68%), Sirius XM Holdings Inc in solid trading moved 34.86M shares closing up at $3.91 per share for a gain of (+1.03%), Microsoft Corp in medium trading moved 33.03M shares closing down at $52.03 per share with a loss of (-0.61%).

The NASDAQ closed up at 4,717.02 for a gain of (+9.60/+0.20%).

The S&P 500 also closed up at 1,999.99 for a gain of (+6.59/+/+0.33%).

World Markets

The Ten most watched global markets ended the week up. All major New York Markets, the DOW Jones Industrial and the S&P500 closed up. The NASDAQ closed up.In the Americas, Mexico’s IPC and Canada's S&P TSX Composite both closed up.

The three top ten watched Central European Markets, London’s FTSE 100, Germany’s DAX and CAC 40 of France all closed up.

The highly traded Asian Markets finally escaped the bear’s grasped. The Sensex of India closed up. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng, the Shanghai Composite and the highly traded Japanese Nikkei 225 also closed up.

Nikkei 225

The Japanese Nikkei 225, the stock market index for the Tokyo Stock Exchange, began the leap year Monday down and struggled the first two days against the strong fluctuating market ending the week with an impressive rally and solid gains to close the trading week up.

Stocks opened Monday down, 16,361.73 and immediately fell throughout the day to close down at 16,026.76. Opening Tuesday, the Nikkei continued to fall reaching the week low of 15,857.37 mid-morning. The low ushered in a rally that mirrored the Hang Seng.

Closing Tuesday up at 16.085.51 a gain of 242 points, the Nikkei opened Wednesday with an impressive bounce gaining 407.50 points at the opening and remained strong throughout the day closing at 16,824.27.

Thursday opened up at 16,939.24 again an impressive bounce at the opening and remained steady throughout the day to close at 19,960.16, with small gains to maintain the upward momentum.

Opening Friday, down slightly at 16,918.40 the Nikkei experienced a strong and steady rally throughout the day to close the trading week up at the week high.

The Nikkei 225 closed the trading week up at 17,014.78 with double digit gains of (+54.62/+0.32%).

Gainers for the week include Sharp Corp (+13.00/+9.42%), Fukuoka Financial Group Inc (+26.00/+7.01%), Inpex Corp (62.10/+6.83%) and Taiheiyo Cement Corp (+14.00/+5.67%).

Losers for the week included KDDI Corp (-122.00/-4.04%), NTT DOCOMO Inc (-97.00/-3.62%), SKY Perfect JSAT Corp (-22.00/-3.01%), Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp (-133.00/2.72%).

Active on the Nikkei 225 include Mizuho Financial Group Inc in strong trading, moved 183.70M shares to close down at ¥184.70 for a loss of (-0.05%), Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc in strong trading moved 120.06M shares to close up at ¥559.90 for a gain of 1.56%, Kobe Steel Ltd, moving 99.00M shares to close up at ¥99.00 for a gain of (+3.13%), Toshiba Corp in medium trading moved 70.02M shares to close up at ¥209.30 for a gain (+5.55%),

FTSE 100

The FTSE 100, the indicator for the London Markets, had a roller coaster week with the market falling into a volatile jagged pattern of impressive rally/sharp declines and did not follow the global markets and still managed to close the week up.

Opening down on leap year Monday at 6,055.04, the FTSE moved quickly with nauseating movement quick gains and sharp declines to close Monday out at 6,097.09 a wild ride that managed to end the day up.

Tuesday the FTSE opened up on the bounce at 6,105.30 and repeated a nearly identical pattern of rolling rallies/declines to close the day up at 6,152.88.

Stocks opened Wednesday up on the bounce at 6,185.72 rallied slightly in early morning trading to 6,190.30 before the FTSE began to drop. In a slow steady pattern the FTSE fell throughout the day closing down at 6,147.06.

Opening slightly down on Thursday, the rolling coaster, steady gainer, sheer fast drop pattern continued with the FTSE 1000 slowly gaining. By mid-morning hitting a high of 6,171.74 by 3:00pm the FTSE fell to 6,108.43 and closed the day out at 6,121.20.

Friday opened up on the bounce at 6,162.40 and continued to gain throughout the day with a twin sharp fall quick lightning strike gain to close the week at the week high of 6,199.43.

A FTSE closed the trading up at 6,199.43 with double digit gains of (+68.97/+1.13%).

Gainers in the FTSE 100 include Glencore PLC (+17.00/+11.89%), Anglo American PLC (+59.00/+11.07%), BHP Billiton PLC (+72.50/+7.54), Antofagasta PLC (+39.50/+7.73%).

Losers include Schroders PLC (-114.00/-4.16%), Travis Perkins PLC (-66.00/-3.57%), Berkeley Group Holdings (The) PLC (-70.00/-2.27%) and Barratt Development PLC (-9.50/-1.68%).

Active on the FTSE 100 included Glencore PLC, in strong trading, moved 133.98M shares to close up at €160.00 per share for a gain of (+11.89%), Lloyd Banking Group PLC moving 97.93M shares in strong trading, closed up at €73.24 for a gain of (+0.91%), Barclays PLC in strong trading moved 73.76M shares to close up at €174.30 for a gain of (+4.81%), Vodafone Group PLC, in medium trading moved 44.65M shares to close even at €221.25 per share for a gain/loss of (+/-0.00%).

Hang Seng Index 

The Hang Seng Index opened the trading week down at 19,366.17 after an initial steady and mediocre gain the Hang Seng experienced an impressive rally to close the week with triple digit gains.

The Hang Seng opened Leap Year Monday at 19,366.17, and immediately fell slightly decline steadily throughout the day closing down with a loss of 255.00 points and also the week low of 19,068.65.

Opening up 148 points on the bounce, to being March at 19,259.99. The Hang Seng rallied throughout the day closing up at 19,407.46 for a gain of 147.00 points.  

The Hang Seng opened Wednesday up strong on the bounce gaining 381 points at 19,788.17 and continued the momentum throughout the week. By Wednesday’s close the Hang Seng had gained 112 points closing at 20,003.49.

An early morning decline on Thursday brought the Hang Seng back to 19,858.12. Steady gains brought the Hang Seng back to 19,941.76 by Thursday’s close.

Friday The Hang Seng opened on the bounce up at 20,056.91 where a strong rally pushed the Hang Seng up for an impressive Friday afternoon rally ending the week at the week’s high of 20,176.54.

The Hang Seng closed up at 19,364.15 with triple digit gain of (+475.40/+2.52%).

Gainers on the Hang Seng Index include Cheung Kong Property Holdings Ltd (+2.30/+5.31%), Li & Fung Ltd (+0.23/+5.15%), CNOOC Ltd (+0.34/+3.88%), China Life Insurance Co Ltd (+0.66/+3.78%)

Losers for the week include China Resources Beer (Holdings) Co Ltd, (-0.58/-3.70%), AIA Group Ltd, (-0.35/-0.83%), Tencent Holdings Ltd (-0.40/-0.27%) and Hengan International Group Co Ltd (-0.05/-0.08%).

Active trading on the Hang Seng Hong Kong Index includes Bank of China Ltd, in strong trading moved 348.92M shares to close up at HK$3.10 (+1.31%), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, in strong trading, moved 277.50M shares to close dup at HK$4.09 (+1.24%), China Construction Bank Corp, in strong trading, moved 251.97M shares to close up at HK$4.79 (+1.27%), CNOOC Ltd, in strong trading moved 132.16M shares to close up HK$9.10 (+3.88%).

Source: Bing Finance

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