World News: Macron and The Legislative Elections

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French President Emmanuel Macron may have been elected to a second term, but June’s upcoming legislative elections are proving to be risky for the man who understands a successful presidency depends on a majority capable of serving him.

If Emmanuel Macron has understood the stakes of an election that must condition his five-year term by getting personally involved in the campaign, he also knows how to rely on the reluctance of the French to the idea of a new cohabitation.

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If especially those who aspire to be offered, to accept it, the post of Prime Minister, some are impatient with the delay taken by the President of the Republic in the appointment of the second head of the executive, it is not finally forbidden to affirm that nothing presses the new tenant of the Elysee.

Certainly, the institutions impose that the charge be filled but what now seems to occuper Emmanuel Macron is not so much the one who will stay at the Hotel de Matignon but rather the legislative elections. And for good reason: their result will depend on the orientation of the nascent five-year term.

Because the obstacles are numerous, between the alliance of the Insoumise with the Socialist Party and the Ecologicals (NUPES) and the National Rally galvanized by the score of Marine Le Pen in the two rounds of the presidential election, the election promises to be close, even risky if the presidential party, renamed Renaissance, does not manage to win the absolute majority or even a relative majority.

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Hyper-President and Jupiter

And to see the shadow of cohabitation, identical to that which paralyzed Jacques Chirac during his second term between 1997 and 2002. Anticipating the will of the French considered as unwilling to reconnect with this governmental modus vivendi, Emmanuel Macron therefore seeks at all costs to keep the free hand at the top of the State even if it means being taxed, as was Nicolas Sarkozy, hyper-president or more recently as Jupiterian president.

And obviously, the man cares, relying on the results of the second round of the presidential election but without neglecting the fight that is coming or the political diversity he covers. Hence the physical involvement of the neo-president in the campaign which contrasts with this form of languor that had prevailed during the presidential campaign.

Aware of the stakes of the election and its consequences if he were to deprive himself of a majority capable of serving him, Emmanuel Macron is now refocusing his political action on a deadline that is in no way the third round of the presidential election but wants to be both the mark of his grip on the political chessboard and the guarantee, with a large and solid majority, to be able to carry out its action in the long term.

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From there to think that Emmanuel Macron was more focused for several weeks on the general elections than the presidential election, there is only one step that the facts tend to confirm.

Civilization and Color

As a connoisseur of institutions, the President of the Republic has successively oriented the debate around the choice of civilization during the presidential election campaign to now direct it towards that of a new method not hesitating to mock his opponents whom he knows to be rough and combative.

The choice of the Prime Minister will be decisive but not necessarily definitive because depending on the results of the legislative elections, the said Prime Minister will have to change even if Emmanuel Macron has a majority. The color of this one is very important and the Renaissance party being composed of various sensibilities, it will then be necessary to look precisely at which of them will be the most represented, left, center-left, center-right, right and other defectors.

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Thus, by entering the electoral sequence of the legislative elections, the new president certainly wants to be much more political than he had been before April 10 and 24. Which would suggest that even Jupiter sometimes puts its hands in the sludge.



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