Haute Tease

  • Medical Science: COVID-19 - What about Testing

    Will this pandemic ever end? The Omicron variant is on the march. Everyone may eventually get it, perhaps without any symptoms. The graph below shows the rising incidence of COVID in both vaccinated and unvaccinated in Iceland.

  • HL Arts: Helen Ibrahim, Installation Artist, and the Spiritual Journey Inspiring Her Work

    Inspired by her time spent with the Aboriginal and Hopi tribes, Helen Andronis Ibrahim uses aspects of the earth, like bark, branches and twigs, in her work in a lyrical manner, representing the planet and the souls of its people.

  • Irena’s Vow Review - Engrossing, Riveting, A Must See

    Irena's Vow, from Quiver Distribution, presents the story of Irena Gut Opdyke, a polish girl who through divine providence becomes a Nazi Major's assistant and befriends a dozen Jewish workers hiding them in his house for years.

  • UPDATED: Terrorist Shot Dead in France Supermarket Attack

    Authorities stormed the Super U grocery store in Trebes, France, a small town in the South, where an Islamic State loyalist had been holed up demanding release of one of the collaborators of the October 2015 attacks, killing him.  

  • World News: The European Union Growing Pains Revisited

    If Brexit has long occupied the minds of Europeans, it has also obscured the difficulties and misunderstandings between Brussels and certain Eastern European countries unwilling to respect the fundamental principles of the Union.

  • Tensions sans fin au Proche-Orient

    Si désescalade est le maître-mot qui préside à la crise que traverse le Proche-Orient, il apparaît aussi que les Etats-Unis se sont lancés dans un exercice d'équilibriste risqué sans option de résolution rapide des tensions. Pourtant, ces dernières existent.