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Janet Walker is the founder of Pulse Point Productions, Inc.  At present, she manages Pulse Point Productions day-to-day operations and is Publisher and Executive Editor for

She is a Pulitzer Prize nominated Journalist. Cops Conspire to Deep Six Sex Assaults,  a seven piece investigative series, submitted for Pulitzer Prize consideration in On-line Breaking News, was based on an on-going investigation into a series of heinous sexual assaults committed in Hudson County, NJ and the subsequent cover-up. She was the first journalist to break the story of Victim X and the only journalist to cover the explosive story while laboring to maintain the confidentiality of the Victim’s identity. The investigative series was rejected by the Pulitzer Prize committee.

She has covered the entertainment and luxury beats on both coasts resulting in celebrity interviews with Angelina Jolie, Jeff Bridges, Hugh Jackman, AVATAR Producer Jon Landau and Director Oliver Stone. She is a frequent invited member of the press for WALT DISNEY STUDIOS, WALT DISNEY STUDIOS AMINATION, DREAMWORKS and PIXAR events. Her coverage also includes The Tribeca Film Festival, Broadway, Social Concerns and Environmental issues.

Ms. Walker honed her news reporting skills as the News Editor at Suffolk County Community College, a prestigious Long Island Community College, where she assisted in turning an obscure student paper into a well respected and nationally recognized newspaper. For her efforts she, was nominated for and, received entry into Who's Who in America's Junior Colleges. Upon graduating, she spent the summer freelancing at The Port Times, in Port Jefferson, Long Island.

She continued her education at New York University, where she sharpened her journalistic skills and training. She graduated, respectfully, with a major in Journalism and a minor in American History. 

She has maintained a fifteen year publishing career that includes news, fashion, culinary, philanthropy, celebrity interviews and entertainment coverage in print, newspaper, magazine and digital.

At funding, she will maintain Co-Publisher and Executive Editor duties at and continue to write career defining business profiles and challenging entertainment features.

Ms. Walker is inviting investors to be a part of an exciting journey as seeks an investment partner, institutional or gap financing, or private equity.