Russian IX Short Film Festival "In Short" Announces the Program

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The Russian Short Film Festival "In Short" has announced the program line-up of the Main Competition which includes three dozen short films. The show will be held for the ninth edition from 20-22 August in Kaliningrad.

The main competition program includes 36 short films collected from all over the country, including with the participation of famous actors such as Kirill Kyaro, Yulia Khlynina, Maxim Vitorgan, Andrey Merzlikin, Daria Ekamasova, Aglaya Tarasova, Pavel Tabakov, Sergey Epishev, Maria Selezneva, Mikhail Tee, Anton Filipenko, Daria Mikhailova and others.

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New this year is the addition of an animation section, making the competition for the first time non-distinctive between fiction, experimental and animated films, where beginners meet with the classics, for example, one of the participants of the Main Competition - the winner of the Palme d'Or Harry Bardeen. Also in the competition are a short film by director and actor Sergei Shvydkoy and a new project by Yevgeny Nikishov and Valery Fedorovich.

"The main thing is not even that we easily found 36 great films for the competition," says one of the selectors, Vadim Rutkovsky. - And the fact that from other, also very interesting works that for various reasons did not get into the competition, you can make a separate festival - material for 20 hours. There are a lot of cool films and cool directors - and this is what really pleases. "

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"The competition program" Shorter "turned out to be longer. Slightly longer than usual and planned, because we could hardly accommodate films that we liked and that we loved into the competition, - continues Nadezhda Koroleva, also a member of the selection committee of the festival. - The program is very voluminous and multi-genre - from vigorous comedies to piercing documentaries, from non-trivial melodramas to ironic mocumentaries, cinema from acutely social to light and funny. Animation in the competition is the work of both masters and recognized masters, as well as students who are just starting their careers. And I, as a woman, cannot but rejoice at the fact that out of 36 competitive films, 16 were shot by women directors who will very confidently compete on "Shorter". Overall, over the course of a few months, we watched a lot of cool shorts and found new and interesting directors. Producers, swoop in! See you in Kaliningrad! "

"The program turned out to be excellent, very diverse and there are a lot of premieres filmed specifically for Shorter, " says the festival's selector Artem Ryzhov . - Due to the fact that this year we have increased the timing for the first time, several works have appeared in the program that previously could not be included in our Competition. Why the Competition has won a lot. "

In addition to the main competition program, several special screenings will take place within the framework of the festival, including in the Central Park of Kaliningrad. The full program of screenings will be announced at a later date. The festival will be held in compliance with all the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor and the organization of testing of participants.

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The main competition program of the IX Russian Short Film Festival "In short":

"Avako", Ksenia Pchelintseva, Russia, 2021

"White Heterosexual Man", Gleb Ross, Russia, 2021

"Boxballet", Anton Dyakov, Russia, 2020

"Tramp Bro", Pyotr Timofeev, Russia, 2021

"Vadim for a walk", Sasha Svirsky, Russia, 2021

"Life", David Topuria, Russia, 2021

"For milk", Mikhail Viron, Russia, 2020

"Winter Film", Fedor Vyrodov, Yuri Mikhailin, Russia, 2021

"... snakes in the toilet", Alena Sahakyan, Russia, 2021

"Aliens are among us. Leonardo ", Anastasia Zavadskaya, Russia, 2021

"How to light an extinct fire", Sergey Filatov, Russia, 2021

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"Room of Destiny", Anastasia Shakhvatova, Russia, 2021

"Mars 0037", Maria Piotrovskaya, Russia, 2021

"Dreams", Irina Tumanova, Russia, 2020

"Can a sunflower turn away from the sun?", Sergey Russol, Vladimir Eremin, 2021

"My friend is a tiger", Tatiana Kiseleva, Russia, 2020

"Woman, Man, Man and Another Woman", Sergey Ovechko, Russia, 2021

"Week", Julia Pak, Russia, 2021

"Lights of Moscow", Kirill Glushchenko, Russia, 2020

"One day a year", Alexandra Lupashko, Russia, 2021

"Patriot", Anya Kreis, Russia, 2021

"Crossroads", Anna Nosatova, Russia, 2021

"Sandbox", Harry Bardeen, Russia, 2020

"The right day", Ekaterina Shupik, Russia, 2021

"Sing", Sergey Shvydkoy, Russia, 2021

"Polina", Daria Mikhailova, Russia, 2021

"Striped", Tatiana Astapova, Russia, 2020

"The last garage", Oleg Afonin, Russia, 2021

"The Power of Art", Maria Tsvetkova, Russia, 2020

"Greenhouse", Andrey Lukyanov, Russia, 2021

"Treatise on butterflies", Alexander Lavrentiev, Russia, 2021

"Phase", Daniil Sviridov, Russia, 2021

"Part of me", Anna Ryzhkova, Russia - Germany, 2021

"This is how it works", Dmitry Golubnichy, Russia, 2020

"I am a layer", Anatoly Voronov, Russia, 2021

"Flyuger", Anton Filipenko, Russia, 2021

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