China Movie Channel Announces “Transformers 4” Chinese Actor Talent Search with Hollywood Heavyweight Judges

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Beijing, China (April 18, 2013) – During the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival, China Movie Channel and its movie internet site, m1905, announced the kickoff of the “’Transformers 4’ Chinese Actors Talent Search Reality Show.”

“The Chinese Actors Talent Search” will have four winners selected by a panel of heavyweight judges from Hollywood and China. The winners will join the cast of the upcoming “Transformers 4” movie, the next in the blockbuster series from the acclaimed director Michael Bay. “Transformers 4” will be released June 27, 2014.

The panel of judges for the upcoming Talent Search Reality Show includes: Sid Ganis, former president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and present chairman of Jiaflix Enterprises; Lorenzo DiBonaventura, Producer of “Transformers 4”; Denise Chamian, Casting Director for “Transformers 4”; Megan Colligan, President of Marketing and Distribution of Paramount Pictures; Jia Qi, Deputy Director of China Movie Channel; and Liang Longfei, Vice President of m1905.


Paramount Pictures, China Movie Channel and Jiaflix entered into a Cooperation Agreement on April 1, 2013 regarding the production of “Transformers 4” in China including broad-based support of the production of the movie and filming sites in China as well as theatrical promotion. The agreement also includes cooperation with the casting of Chinese actors and actresses in the movie. “Transformers 4” is expected to include a number of talented Chinese actors and actresses including the four who will be selected through this competition.


The “’Transformers 4’ Chinese Actor Talent Search” will begin with registration on and will ultimately be selected by the judges during a series of special nationally televised reality shows on CCTV-6. The competition will be open to professionals and amateurs, with two of the four winning positions being reserved for those with no professional acting experience. The reality shows are slated to begin broadcasting in early June 2013. Contestants must be over 18 years of age and meet other eligibility requirements. Complete rules will be found on


This marks the first time that a major Hollywood studio will cast actors from China through a nationally televised talent search reality show. The Transformers series has been among the most popular movies ever released in China and Michael Bay is among the most popular directors with Chinese audiences. “Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon,” released theatrically in 2011, grossed $165 million in China and over $1.1 billion worldwide.


Two of the judges, Sid Ganis and Lorenzo DiBonaventura, sent their congratulations through video footage. “On behalf of Jiaflix, I am pleased to be participating with CCTV-6 and m1905 in the talent search for ‘Transformers 4”, which will soon be shooting in China,” said Sid Ganis. "This will give actors and fans of the Transformers franchise the opportunity to be appearing in a major motion picture, and it will provide the world audience yet another glimpse of the Chinese people, the Chinese culture and China itself."


“All of us working on ‘Transformers 4’ are looking forward to becoming more and more part of the Chinese audience’s experience by bringing the Chinese culture, Chinese traditions and Chinese talent into the movie,” said Lorenzo DiBonaventura. “I want to wish all the actors and actresses who participate in our talent show the greatest luck. Your talent will be a great addition to the movie.”


Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci and Jack Reynor are Hollywood stars who have already been introduced by Michael Bay as members of his cast in “Transformers 4”.




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