Gift Guide: Creative Summer Games for All

At a time when so much school and entertainment take place on a screen, it's refreshing to play a game with your hands. Challenge your child, and yourself, with games of strategy, creativity, dexterity, and spatial reasoning.

Komarc Games suggests three titles for solo or multiplayer fun that involves strategic thinking (tummple $21.99), a bit of creativity (StickiKubes $9.99), and a hybrid board game, (Shopping' Blowout $29.99), that offers an optional app for those that just can't resist having a tablet or smartphone nearby.

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"We love games that test our physical skills," explains J.D. Needham, VP of Sales for Komarc Games, "and make us laugh out loud. We also love games that are strategic and exciting for the whole family!" He is referring to Komarc's flagship game, tummple!, that has gained worldwide accolades and buzz from Europe and Asia to Australia and now North America. The hands-on game tests a player's dexterity and spatial reasoning.

"This game is incredibly easy for players of all ages and makes a fantastic family game," wrote one Amazon shopper. "Everyone can easily be independently involved with very little "instruction" needed after the basics of the game are explained. This is a big plus for those playing with younger children who like to be involved."

"tummple! is a simple dexterity game," reviewed blogger Dale Yu of The Opinionated Gamers then added a key piece of advice -- use a sturdy table! "We first played on a folding table, and it didn't go well. As the structure grew ever taller, even a small jostle of the table was enough to get the whole thing swaying. Even putting your hands on the table became dangerous. After that first game, we've moved all later games to the ping pong table which is on top of my pool table. Completely level and completely stable!"

tummple! • Ages 8+ • $21.99

A hit in Europe, Asia and Australia, this game gets its name by strategically placing wood bricks and durable obstacles called tumps. Solo or group players watch the structure form... up, down, sideways and every way.

The wood is made of beautiful high-grade rubberwood, native to South Vietnam. The yellow and white tumps are made of polished acrylic. As one amazon consumer compactly reviewed, "Fantastic game that is loads of fun for kids and adults alike. Great variation on the Jenga idea. The tumps really do add strategy to the gameplay. And it's just plain fun."

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Kids will never hear the words don't touch with a box of StickiKubes around. Spread out the colorful kubes and watch little fingers ponder then place a stack of cubes together or stick one on their forehead! There's no right or wrong way to play this crafty game. Big and little kids enjoy getting their hands on these tactile toys to build abstract models or a realistic looking piece of art on the enclosed art display card with easel. Every one of the 36 green, red, yellow and blue cubes can go back into the game's custom tray, making cleanup a pleasure.

New! StickiKubes • Ages 4+ • $9.99

Please touch and go ahead and fidget. Kids can make their own custom 2D and 3D designs, decorate cups and bowls, glasses, furniture, car interior, and anything else in the house, office, or classroom! These crafty cubes are made from a customized polymer without adhesive added. Stickikubes stick to anything (except fabric) and are non-toxic and safe for kids. Note all four colors are easy to handle, even for preschoolers.

When it's time to play, youngsters appreciate that board games are never boring as Shoppin' Blowout proves in every round. As Komarc's YouTube video shows,,

there are continuous moments of suspense, thrill, disappointment and laughs as mini shopping carts are filled. This game can be played with a deck of 24 cards which shows which product to quickly shop for – from a cookie jar to a lamp to a laptop.

But Komarc Games designers didn't stop there. They added an app for another layer of strategic shoppin' fun. Download the Product Selector App on a tablet or smartphone. A little dexterity and speed go a long way as the instructions clearly state, "when a player grabs a product, make sure it's secure in-hand and move quick … another player can take it right from the first players' fingertips … before they have control." As the gameboard box says, it's a high-speed game of shopping madness.

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Shoppin' Blowout • Ages 8+ • $29.99

Race to grab items faster than the other player(s) with a traditional gameboard and the digital Shoppin' Product Selector App for your tablet or phone. Grab the Brainy Books (earn 15 pts.) or Epic Espresso Machine (worth 30 pts.) and place them in your palm-size shopping cart. When there are no items left to grab, the game ends. Calculate the points in your cart and announce the winner. Also steal or avoid certain items for an added measure of fun! Ideal for boys and girls and created for 2-4 players. Box set includes shopping board, products, carts and instructions for downloading the optional app.

Komarc games are meant to be played in the home, at a party, in school or in the office! Even if that office or family reunion is an airplane ride away. Physical skill, laughter and strategic thinking have no international boundaries. That's why retailers stock Komarc's products in more than 30 countries! Find them stateside on neighborhood store toy shelves and specialty chains like Hallmark and Barnes & Noble!

About Komarc Games

Komarc's original operations began and focused on Asian and European distribution in 2010. Then distribution in the United States began in 2021. Komarc Games was founded by American game designer Bruce Shadorf.

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The company's flagship product is tummple!, which has sold over 200,000 units worldwide since its 2014 introduction. Komarc's products are known to be fun with high replay value. Because the games are simple to play, they appeal to a large target audience from children to teens to adults. Discover the fun at

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