World News: France Global Diplomacy Stunted Against Libyan Rebels

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France, who liberated Libya in 2011, is struggling to resolve the current conflict and is finding its diplomatic influence stunted and the inability to mediate an end, in spite of itself, confirms its status as an average world power.

When Nicolas Sarkozy, then President of the Republic, and David Cameron, English Prime Minister, decided and committed in 2011 a joint military intervention in Libya to free the country from the influence of Colonel Gaddafi (yet received with all the Republican honors in Paris in 2007), few imagined the state of decay in which the country would switch once the intervention completed and Colonel Gaddafi disappeared.

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By this intervention inexpensively, the Libyan army being so badly equipped that prepared, France and its president in loss of speed in the opinion to one year of the electoral vote of 2012, saw there the opportunity to ask in key figures of Mediterranean diplomacy.

Peace and Credibility

However, it is clear that eight years later, after many summits to seal the peace between the two main Libyan factions (editor's note: The Libyan National Army of Marshal Haftar and the Army of the Government of National Union currently at the head of the country), one of which made an astounding advance on Tripoli on April 11, namely that of Marshal Haftar, that nothing seems to guide the country towards peace, much to the chagrin of the civilian population, caught in the grip of the war.

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And what about the diplomatic image of France, which lost through this crisis, a little more credibility at the international level despite the mediation efforts that it has deployed and continues to deploy.

Close to General Haftar, whom she unhesitatingly supports and whose offensive on Tripoli jeopardizes the peace process, Paris sees her controversial and disputed position, unable to formally present a clear line with regard to the conflict between the two factions, reviving tensions on the file with his Italian partner. For it should not be mistaken, it is France who is one of the first responsible for the chaos that prevails today in Libya.

Fall and Dismay

Certainly the influence of Colonel Gaddafi on the country motivated its downfall and it became necessary for this man, as cruel as it is cynical, to disappear from the Libyan political scene but in front of the disarray of the population, the structural weakness of the country and the civil war ravaging Cyrenaica, it appears how much the military operation was conducted with a form of casualness devoid of any anticipation that could imagine the post-Gaddafi era.

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France, always quick to teach lessons of humanity and humanism to other nations has thus sinned by pride with the idea that the intervention would allow it to restore its crest of world power while imagining, as a thought.

At the beginning of the 2000s George W. Bush, the former president of the United States, could easily export democracy. In the end, and in almost total indifference, Libya continues to tear, and will continue until one of the two factions crushes his rival, Paris for its part bet on General Haftar.

But the latter proved through this diplomatic imbroglio in which she appears in the front line, she remained a middle power, with limited diplomatic capabilities and unable to manage the consequences of these actions including in its direct scope of diplomatic intervention.

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