Real Estate: A Guide to Popular Malaysian Property Types

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Taking an extended leave or renting out a property in a foreign country is becoming the new normal, and for wanderers considering Malaysia as a destination, you may need to know the real estate terminology before making an investment.

While most of the terms used to describe the various property types available throughout Malaysia are not official terminology, understanding what they mean can be useful in helping you get a better understanding of the types of housing that are available when moving to this country.

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Before you set out to search for a new place to live in Malaysia, read on to find out more about the different types of property you can find and what each one includes.

Where to Find Property in Malaysia

Firstly, it's worth finding the best places to look when searching for your new home in Malaysia. No matter what kind of property you want to live in, Property Guru is rated as the number one property search site for the country. It is widely recognized as the best property search site whether you are looking to rent an apartment or find a house for sale in Batu Pahat.

While searching through the site, use these definitions to get a better understanding of the type of property you're looking at:

Zero Lot:

A zero-lot property is a fairly new concept of detached property that has the house built to the side of rather than in the center of the land. The reason for this unusual positioning of the building is to create more space on the opposite side of the home so that the residents of the property can enjoy a larger outdoor space.

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Semi-dee or semi-detached properties are houses that are linked to another on one side. On the other side of each property, there will usually be a garden or some open space. This is the most popular type of landed property that is available throughout Malaysia.

Terraced House:

A terraced house or link house is a house that is within a row of more than two houses that are joined together. There will usually be some outdoor space or a garden at the rear of each property. Terraced or link houses are popular choices since they are some of the most affordable landed property options in Malaysia.

Cluster House:

Cluster house developments in Malaysia tend to include four houses that are joined together at one side and at the back of each property. Each house will have some vacant land at the side of the property similar to semi-dees; however, there will not be any land at the back since this is where the houses are joined together. These houses are a popular alternative to terraced homes since they tend to offer more side doors, windows, and outdoor space.

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Townhouses are similar to terraced houses since the properties are joined together in a row. The main difference, however, is that townhouses are usually taller, and it is not uncommon for them to be three or four stories high. In Malaysia, townhouses are typically sold or rented as two separate units as both upper and lower units can be accessed from the ground floor. Compared to terraced houses, they are often more affordable and are popular with buyers and renters who would prefer an apartment level of affordability while being able to enjoy the benefits of a landed property.

Superlink House:

Superlink is a term that refers to large, terraced houses with a wide frontage of at least twenty-four feet. They are a popular option for people who want a larger property than a terraced or link house, but do not want to pay the higher prices of semi-detached or cluster properties.

Choosing the Right Malaysian Property for You

Whether you are looking to purchase or rent a landed property in Malaysia, there are several important factors to consider before you go ahead and choose the right type of property for you to live in. Along with all the main key factors such as the asking price, property location, and proximity to local amenities, you should also consider the size of the home.

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In Malaysia, terraced or link houses are often quite small, so a super link house might be a better option for you if you want more room while getting a more affordable property option at the same time. If you want to live in a property that comes with a lot of outdoor space, a zero lot or semi-detached property may be the ideal choice for you. Cluster houses are a popular option for people who want the benefits of a semi-detached property at a more affordable price, and do not mind having no outdoor space to the back.

Finding a property for you in Malaysia can be confusing if you are not familiar with the terminology. Understanding the different types of houses on offer is the first step to finding your perfect new home.

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