Beauty, Style: Tips to Keep Hair Beautiful During Winter

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Not one of the four seasons offers a vacation from the obstacles of maintaining perfect hair, whether it’s too much ultraviolet light in summer, damp chills in spring, or blustery winds in fall or winter.


No matter the season, we must always take extra measures to keep the elements at bay. As winter sets in through most of the Northern Hemisphere, we must worry about split ends, tangles, and the perils of one too many hot showers.


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Every season has its own beauty, and in turn, every season has its own beauty tips, such as these guidelines for preserving your glamour against harsh winters. Here is an overview of how winter weather can affect your hair and what you can do to combat those effects.

Dry Hair

The most common encumbrance to looking great when the air is cold and the nights are long is hair that’s dry, cracked, and brittle. We moisturize our way through each winter, but our hair needs just as much intervention against the elements.

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Conditioning is a must, but think twice about shampooing regularly, which strips natural oils from hair and leaves it likelier to split and fray. Even when we’re not outside, winter air can be hard on our hair—consider running a humidifier at night so that your hair doesn’t log six to eight hours of exposure to dry air each night.

Fading Colors

When it comes to hair color losing its luster in the winter, it’s not the cold weather itself that’s to blame for fading locks so much as everything else we do to cope with the cold. Cold weather means hot showers, which can quickly strip color from hair, leaving behind brassy or faded coloring that doesn’t look nearly as nice as it did in the salon. Hot showers may feel like great ideas when we’re coming in from the cold, but too many could come at the expense of the work we’ve done to look great this season.

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Tangled Up and Blue

As the humidity drops and the winds kick up, long hair is much more susceptible to getting tangled and knotted up, which is just as unaesthetic as it is uncomfortable. One of the most frustrating ways winter weather can affect your hair is by leaving snarls you just can’t brush out.


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Even in the comfort of our homes, cotton pillowcases can make matters worse by catching onto hair as we sleep, exacerbating that horrible condition we know as bedhead. But we needn’t resign ourselves to knots and tangles in our hair this winter. There are plenty of ways to keep hair from getting tangled this season, from ample conditioning to keratin treatments that shield hair from the drying effects of the winter air.

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