Munich - The Edge of War Review – An Intriguing Race Against Time Suspense Thriller

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Munich -The Edge of War, a Netflix original film, presents the story behind the tense negotiations in Autumn 1938 as Britain's Prime Minster works to prevent impending war and stop Hitler from unleashing his war machine.

The film begins at Oxford graduation party, a celebration of accomplishment filled with hope for the future and debate over political future or Europe. We meet Hugh Legat, played by George MacKay, Paul von Hartmann, played by Jannis Niewöhner, and his girlfriend, also an Oxford graduate, Lenya, played by Liv Lisa Fries. The three are comrades, tied to this time when their passionate ideals ignited debate which would end easily over a smoke.

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The film fast forwards six years, it is Autumn 1938, Legat now works for Prime Minster Neville Chamberlain, played by Jeremy Irons, and the winds of wars are swirling over Europe as Hitler has announced his plans to invade Czechoslovakia.

Today, Sir Horace Wilson, played by Alex Jennings, returns from negotiations with the bad news, Hitler is bent on enlarging the German border by annexing the neighboring nation. Looking for anyway to avoid a full-scale war, Chamberlain decides to reach out to the Italians, who have sided early on with the Germans.

With negotiations dead, the PM receives word that Hitler will meet them in Munich. By this time, von Hartmann is working as German diplomat and his passion for the new Germany is as strong as ever and it does not include Hitler. He is given a document detailing Hitler's true intentions for the annexation of Europe and now where in the plans does he speak of peace.

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MI-6 approaches Legat, and explains von Hartmann is trying to smuggle the document out of the country and they want him to secure it, indicting it would be an act of espionage on foreign soil, and of course, he added, the PM doesn't know anything about this.

Now, all roads lead to Munich. Legat and von Hartmann, we see in flashbacks, have not spoken since the summer of 1932, when Legat went to Munich to reconnected with his Oxford buddies. The conversation, of course, turned to politics and the heated debate over Hitler and his determination to restore pride in Germany again.

Von Hartmann, who appears to have uncontrollable passion when it comes to politics, became enraged that the others were opposed to this fascist and refused to see what he was accomplishing by uniting the people.

The two then become embroiled in one of the most crucial moments in 20th Century history as the loyalty of the past and the friendship the two once had, drives each of them to commit espionage and violate law, protocols, and allegiances in an effort to stop Hitler's war of conquest.

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Munich – The Edge of War brings to life this pivotal moment in history fictionalizing the intrigue and espionage necessary to save the people of Europe from war. Narrowing the focus to the pre-war effort, a single week in the beginning of World War II, we are pulled into the apprehension of this critical moment, the faithfulness of a people, a foreshadowing of what would be, the alliances and commitment to cause.

Munich – The Edge of War, an race against thriller, is passionate, riveting and spellbinding. The cast is superb and delivers captivating character driven performances.

Munich - The Edge of War opens in select theaters December 31, 2021, and globally on Netflix January 21, 2022. See it.

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Country: USA.

Language: English, German with Subtitles.

Runtime: 123minutes.

Director: Christian Schwochow.

Screenplay: Ben Power, Based on the novel "Munich" by Robert Harris.

Producer: Andrew Eaton.

Cast: George MacKay, Jannis Niewöhner, Jeremy Irons, Ulrich Matthes, Alex Jennings, August Diehl, Liv Lisa Fries, Anjli Mohindra, Jessica Brown Findlay, Sandra Huller, Mark Lewis Jones, Martin Wuttke, Marc Limpach, Nicholas Shaw, Martin Kiefer, Jan Geburting, Robert Bathurst.

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