Hunted Review – Sharp, Action Thriller Delivers

Hunted, from Saban Films, presents a horror-action thriller, that pits the wits of four petty street thieves against a group of maniacal estate owners, in the most dangerous game, a contemporary hunt, where they are the prey.

The film begins with the petty thieves led by Leon played by Nobuse Jnr, and his crew Tod played by Ross Coles, Vix played by Hannah Traylen, and his brother Charlie/Chaz played by Malachi Pullar-Latchman.

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We understand Leon is only in it to pay his little brother's University fees and won't even allow him to be a part of the score. He is only permitted to wait in the van and watch to make sure no one comes home during the heist.

After the first home invasion goes off without a hitch. They are given another job, from a mystery art dealer: Steal a ancestral knife from the Redwick estate.

The four decide to go ahead with it, and this time Leon allows his brother into the mansion. As they are trying to find the artifact, they realize they are not alone. Within seconds, they are tasered.

When they awake, they are being transported. Suddenly the truck stops, and they are tossed out, hod-tied, and gagged, like animals.

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The lady of the manor, Katherine Redwick, played by Samantha Bond, explains since they had been caught breaking into her ancestral home, they were going to play a game. The stableman, Mallory, played by Nick Moran, sprays them with urine. And then he drives off.

The four are alone in the field, trying to figure out the situation when they hear in the distance, the sound of a horn and realize they are the hunted. Once the four understand the gravity of their circumstance, they are without understanding of why.

The hunters, the Redwicks led by Katherine, Hugo, played by James Lance, Remington, played by James Faulkner, and Miles, played by Louis Walwyn. four bluebloods dressed in full hunt attire, red jackets, white jodhpurs, and black boots pursue them on horseback. Periodically throughout they hunt, they set up a proper English tea.

They believe heritage makes them entitled to any activity on their land, and as they prey are trespassers, without thought or concern they are within their rights to dispose of the garbage and as punishment the Redwick's will hunt the four friends like animals on their sprawling, secluded estate grounds.

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This is not the Redwick's first time hunting humans. The blood sport has been a decades-long, sadistic family entertainment. After a shockingly violent death in their group, the friends stop running and start fighting back - the prey turn on their predators and unleash bloody revenge as they fight for their very lives.

Hunted, also known, and released as Hounded, is an intensely thrilling, provocative film.

The film is filled with incrementally increased tension and pits the entitled against the street smarts of the four friends. What they each failed to realize that there is always casualty in war.

A modern twist on the 1932 film The Most Dangerous Game, the bluebloods are confident, entitled, and accustomed to victory so much so that arrogance lulls them into premediated celebration verses the street smarts of the petty thieves who catch on quick that this is the fight of their lives.

Riveting, gripping, with heightened suspense, Hunted opens Friday, October 21, 2022. See it.

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Country: UK.

Runtime: 94minutes

Release Date: October 21, 2022.

Director: Tommy Boulding.

Writer:  Dean Lines, Ray Bogdanovich.

Producer: Ben Jacques.

Cast: Samantha Bond, James Lance, James Faulkner, Larry Lamb, Nick Moran, Louis Walwyn, Malachi Pullar-Latchman, Hannah Traylen, Nobuse Jnr.

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