Reacher Review – Binge Worthy Drama with Intense Action

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Reacher, from Amazon Prime, brings to the screen a binge worthy television series that introduces audiences to a new Jack Reacher, built and ready for action only to be suddenly arrested and framed for attempted murder.

Episode one begins with Reacher, played by Alan Ritchson, deboarding a bus, in the middle of no where just outside of Margrave, Georgia, a small southern town. As he sits down, at a local diner for Peach pie, the place is swarming with the local sheriff. He is arrested for murder.

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We soon meet Roscoe, played by Willa Fitzgerald, a local Sherriff deputy and Sherriff Finlay, played by Malcolm Goodwin, a transplanted Bostonian, who is tolerated by his entire staff for reasons other than his race and Chief Edward Morrison, played by Peter Skagen, who wants this entire incident to be neatly handled, with or without the evidence.

So, when the decide to question Hubble, played by Marc Bendavid, he immediately confesses to a crime he didn't commit. At this point we understand, this accountant is hiding more than someone's money. He is hauled off to jail and soon both he and Reacher are transported to prison and placed in general population.

We understand Reacher is looking for his brother, Joe, and with one John Doe in the morgue, the only clues Jack has to go on are the messages sent by Joe, also a career military officer working on a massive money laundering scheme.

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After the two survive the attempt to have prison favors handle the situation, they are removed and finally transported back to the local jail where they are free to go as another shocking murder has occurred.

Within days, some very angry hit men with South American ties have descended on Margrave and have made their presence very known. Whatever the secret is in this tiny town, it is insidious enough to cause action and the players are connected enough not to care as they slowly leave a trail of slaughtered bodies, complete with signatures.

Working on the assumption that the only person that could finance this type of operation would be Mr. Kliner, played Currie Graham, Margrave's benefactor or his son, KJ, played by Chris Webster and his local sidekick, Spivey, played by Patrick Garrow.

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Reacher delivers a solid binge worthy drama, with a powerful storyline, intense action, and enough layers to entice and create compassion. As it is a Reacher franchise viewers can expect heightened violence, shocking murder scenes, and tantalizing big reveals.

An addicting series, Reacher begins streaming on Amazon Prime February 4, 2022. See it.

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Country: USA.

Language: English.

Runtime: Eight episodes/54minutes.

Director: Norberto Barba, M.J. Bassett, Sam Hill, Omar Madha, Christine Moore, Lin Oeding, Stephen Surjik, Thomas Vincent (1 episode each).

Writer: Lee Child, Cait Duffy, Aadrita Mukerji, Scott Sullivan, Nick Santora.

Producer: Agatha Warren, Aadrita Mukerji.

Cast: Alan Ritchson, Willa Fitzgerald, Malcom Goodwin, Bruce McGill, Chris Webster, Maxwell Jenkins, Gavin White, High Thompson, Willie C. Carpenter, Leslie Fray, Jonathan Koensgen, Harvey Guillen, Matthew Marsden, Martin Roach, A.J. Simmons, Kristen Kreuk, Currie Graham, Marc Bendavid, Patrick Garrow.

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