Pope Francis Begins His Historic Visit; Defines Edicts For the 1.2Billion Roman Catholics

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Pope Francis arrived yesterday in Washington D.C. greeted by President Obama and First Lady Michelle, His Excellency opted for a more conservative Italian manufactured Fiat, as he began his six day visit in America.

Pope Francis will travel through Washington, where an unprecedented 11,000 ticketed guests will have a personal message from His Excellency. An expected itinerary that includes meeting with Bishops, laymen and hopefuls. It is expected he will voice his opinion on many social ills.

It is expected New York, and Philadelphia addressing the expected throngs of people and will travel in a modified Pope mobile made in Toledo, Ohio with a Jeep Wrangler. His Excellency passed on the Mercedes-Benz often used for visiting dignitaries and stayed true to his new homeland.

A well-loved Pope, more so, as he continues to maintain his humble lifestyle and the principals of Christ which are not only spoken and also active in his everyday life. He has opened his home to refugees, he has stepped out of tradition and procession to greet those considered the lowliest of society, and participated in a traditional foot washing ceremony symbolic of Christ’s washing the feet of His disciples. .

His heart appears to grieve for the ills of society which affect the world including war, famine, disease, homelessness, lost generations to drugs, hopelessness and without judgement in friendship evangelism he presents his edicts to a people, who long for absolution from the shackling guilt of preconceived necessities to reconciliation.

His recent inclusions of the worlds LGBT population was spoken with the purpose that love can change a heart where hate only alienates.

Born in Argentina, Pope Francis, 78, was chosen as the 266th leader of the Roman Catholic Church on March 13, 2013, in his visit to the United States coincides with the traditional Jewish High Holy Days of Atonement, Yom Kippur.

History of Papal Visits

On The Environment

Pope Francis endorsed President Obama's efforts to combat climate change this morning at the White House. He praised the President for his work and echoed his urgent call to action.

2016 Presidential Candidates on the Environment

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