World News: Turbulence in French Presidential Election

The French Presidential Elections waters have begun churring with heightened suspense, as far-right polemicist Eric Zemmour plots his way through a political class terrorized by his breakthrough as all clues point to his future candidacy.

There are breathless suspense's, others who want to be untenable and which ultimately hold Open secret, hackneyed and pathetic. Thus, we could describe the one surrounding the possible candidacy of Eric Zemmour in the presidential election. It is not here to return to the content of the speech of the former journalist but rather to dwell on the reasons that today contribute to his future candidacy.

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Regardless of rowdy and polemical remarks where historical approximation and distortion are disputed with a gross exaggeration of poorly understood social phenomena whose sole objective is to painfully give credibility to a fundamentally hollow and erroneous general thesis, the non-campaign, but which nevertheless has all the aspects, of Eric Zemmour tends to surf on the wave of a potential candidacy. And the man to have fun with cynicism and contempt.

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Frightening for the liberal and republican right, thorny for the extreme right which has found itself an ideological rival, frightening for the left in need of recognition in the modest social strata usually turned towards it, this potential candidacy is not to displease the person concerned who knows how much the non-formalization of his position is always more profitable to him.

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Because if it is difficult to attack an author who, from book fairs to signing sessions, from agitated interviews to sulphurous testimonies defends his latest opus without ever giving any indication or interpretable signs such as the beginning of a campaign or candidacy, it is easier to attack a declared candidate.

Yet to date, it seems obvious that the former journalist of Le Figaro has all the assets of a future candidate for several reasons. No exclusive training but simple deduction in view of the events that multiply. Several reasons are therefore working on this candidacy.

The first is that if Zemmour did not declare himself, then his popularity and notoriety would evaporate in another form of trial. Make no mistake, Zemmour's current unhealthy fascination stems as much from a discourse claiming to reflect the psychological and social state of the nation as from the ambiguity surrounding its potential candidacy.

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Otherwise, Eric Zemmour would fall back into a form of flaccid and soft anonymity to become again the media troublemaker he has always been while this role no longer seems to suit him, the latter aspiring to another dimension. The third reason which pushes man to declare himself is the risk of losing all the politics acquired, or assumed as such, in recent months, at the risk, in the event of non-candidacy, of being adorned with all the qualifiers designating the wants and the cowards.

However, the discourse defended by Zemmour tends to present him as the defender of a system, in these eyes flawed and obsolete, that only he is able to regenerate. Third reason finally that which comes from the ego of the person.

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This oversized ego combines vanity with the pretense of believing that the nation, he presents as besieged and overwhelmed by the worst adversity, awaits its providential man, in this case. In view of these three reasons that it will be up to everyone to contest, approve or complete, it now seems clear that the man in question will be a candidate for the presidency of the Republic, convinced of the relevance of his fight perceived as a saving mission. One last question now becomes necessary. Will these few lines prove to be divinatory? All that remains is to wait...



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