Winners of the Third National Web Award Announced

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On February 5, in the Digital Business Space, the ceremony of awarding the third National Prize in the field of the web industry took place, which annually awards the best in Russia's domestic Internet projects.

They won in various nominations "Inside Lapenko", "257 Reasons to Live", "Dyatlov Pass", "Chiki", Alena Zhigalova, Project "Editorial Board", Ksenia Sobchak, Yuri Dudy's film "How the IT Capital of the World Works."

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The guests of the ceremony were: Irina Gorbacheva, Varvara Shmykova, Marina Alexandrova, Igor Vernik, Yan Ge, Polina Maksimova, Maria Minogarova, Yulia Khlynina, Danya Milokhin, Petr Buslov, Eduard Oganesyan, Karen Oganesyan, Maxim Lagashkin, Tatiana Lazareva Nikita, Tatiana Babushkina , Vadim Vernik, Victoria Tolstoganova, Anna Tsukanova-Kott, Sabina Akhmedova, Aleksey Chadov, ST, Anna Kotova-Deryabina, Vika Chuma Party, singer Yolka, Marie Kraimbreri, Anna Pletneva, Anna Banshchikova, Maryana Spivak, Katya Volkova, Rina Natalya Zemtsova actors from the TV series "Difficult Teens", "Dyatlov Pass."

Traditionally, the ceremony was hosted by Ivan Urgant and Alexander Gudkov, who reincarnated as Melania Trump, Tik-Tok-brownie Kuzyu and rapped about digital.

Viewers who did not make it into the auditorium could watch a live broadcast of the Ceremony on the social media of the CHILL award partner. The LIVE broadcast, hosted by the blogger, art, and fashion historian Vika Chuma Party, gained more than 340 thousand views - the broadcast took place on VKontakte, TikTok, Youtube and Facebook.

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The award is held annually in early December but was postponed to February due to the pandemic. As Urgant admitted, he believed that in the year when the owners of online cinemas moved from trams to private jets, the web award would still take place.

Projects released from November 2019 to December 2020 were nominated for the award. In total, more than 150 Internet projects were nominated. The jury this year was completely professional and consisted of editors, producers, content directors of Russian online cinemas and digital platforms and production companies. In total, over 20 online platforms took part in the voting.

As its creator Anton Kalinkin formulated the ideology of the award, "Our award is a dialogue about content within the industry."

The first nomination was "Online Travel Show of the Year". The winner was announced by Urgant himself. It turned out to be Anton Ptushkin. He was unable to attend the ceremony but recorded a video message in which he thanked him for receiving this award for the second year.

Actor Maxim Lagashkin opened the envelope with the winner of the "Cognitive Online Project of the Year". It was the show "Editorial" by journalist Alexei Pivovarov.

The special prize for the first bold conversation about the pandemic was presented to the author of the project "Epidemic with Anton Krasovsky: All About the Coronavirus", Anton Krasovsky, by actress Yulia Khlynina.

Best Web Series. Press Choice "the winner was named by film critics and one of the organizers of the award Natalia Grigorieva and Maria Tokmasheva. It was the project "Inside Lapenko". This year, 11 leading film critics participated in the press jury - they selected the best among web series, as well as Internet series (up to and over 24 minutes).

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In the opinion of the professional jury, "Inside Lapenko" also became the "Best Web Series". The award was announced by the actress Polina Maksimova, and the prizes were taken by Irina Gorbacheva.

Actress Victoria Tolstoganova named the "Documentary Online Project of the Year" - the film by Yuri Dudy "How the IT Capital of the World Works ".

The nominees in the Best Online Platform category were represented by dubbing actors Anis Murtayeva, Daria Blokhina, Albert Ibragimov and Karen Arutyunov, who played it in the style of dubbing famous films and TV series. The prize to the START service that won in this category was presented by Yulia Ivanova, representative of the Board of the Association of Film and Television Producers. As Irina Sosnovaya, a representative of the START platform, noted, this is the most pleasant of all awards that can be received - "we managed to teach viewers not to be ashamed to watch Russian web series and pay for content without downloading from pirates," she said.

"Online Event of the Year" was announced by "Melania Trump". The award went to Chiki . As director Eduard Hovhannisyan admitted, this is a project that made the industry think differently. "It happened because we were honest, brave and free," he stressed, thanking everyone who worked on the series.

The host of the Comment Out show, Vladimir Markoni, presented the Breakthrough of the Year award to Alena Zhigalova , who said that this prize was a complete surprise for her against the backdrop of the breakthroughs of Morgenstern and Dani Milokhin.

"Interviewer of the Year" was announced by Alla Mikheeva, an anchorwoman of Channel One. The winner in this nomination is Ksenia Sobchak, the host of her own show "Beware, Sobchak!" on YouTube.

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Ksenia was unable to attend the Ceremony, but welcomed the guests in a video message, which she recorded as soon as she learned about the award. She thanked the organizers and announced a new documentary. The chief editor of the channel, Vladimir Karpov, who received the award for her, expressed confidence that soon Ksenia will be represented in all nominations of the award.

The nominees in the Best Internet Series category (less than 24 minutes per episode) were presented by rapper ST, who read out the titles of the series presented in a freestyle.

Roman Yemelyanov, General Producer of Novy Radio, presented the award from the press jury. Won the second season of the youth dramedy "Difficult Teens".

The Kultura.RF portal was awarded the special prize "For the unification of classical forms of art online ". Vadim Vernik presented the award to Assistant Minister Anna Usacheva and Chief Editor of the Kultura.RF portal Olesya Maksimova. "We worked very hard so that all projects found their audience," Maksimova emphasized.

According to the professional jury, " 257 Reasons to Live" became the "Best Internet Series" (one episode less than 24 minutes). "Gagarina" to the leading role, Polina Maksimova, was presented by Irina Gorbacheva and "Brownie Kuzya" performed by Alexander Gudkov.

Youtube-blogger Vika Chuma Party announced the winner in the nomination "Best online entertainment show of the year" - the project "What happened next".

Director Pyotr Buslov voiced the best Internet series in the opinion of the press, the duration of one episode of which exceeds 24 minutes. It was the "Psycho" project. The award was received by actor Igor Vernik, who congratulated Fyodor Bondarchuk, who shot this project, and Paulina Andreeva, who wrote the script for it. "This is the absolute product of perfect love," added Wernick.

Alexander Mamut was awarded a special prize for his contribution to the development of the web industry with the wording "For the promotion of new forms in art".

The last award was announced by the creator of the award, Anton Kalinkin, who said that two projects reached the final with a difference of only two votes. Therefore, it was decided to give awards to both nominees - the series "Dyatlov Pass" and "Chiki".

The actors from "Dyatlov Pass" thanked the whole team and admitted that on the set "it was very cold, but now it is very warm."

Varvara Shmykova from the Chiki TV series noted that it is priceless happiness to work in a team with caring people who make the industry better.

The National Web Industry Award has been awarded since 2018, and during this time has become one of the main professional awards that reflects the main trends of the year in the field of the Internet industry.

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