Nikita Mikhalkov's Cult Film "The Barber of Siberia" is Back For Limited Engagement

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On March 14, 2021, on the Forgiveness Day of Maslenitsa, Moschino will release for limited engagement the cult picture of Nikita Mikhalkov "The Barber of Siberia," where the Russian national holiday is central to the film's plot.

The screening will take place in the Kosmos cinema, the film will be presented by the film's director Nikita Mikhalkov, the screening will also be attended by the film's actors and film crew. The show starts at 19:00.

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The Barber of Siberia is one of the most ambitious projects in Russian cinema at the end of the last century. The film was released in 1998 and became one of the first theater hits in Russia. The story of an unusual mechanism, a foreign guest and a young cadet Andrei Tolstov, performed by the brilliant Oleg Menshikov, captivated Russian viewers, and the slogan of the picture "He is Russian. This explains a lot "became a uniting for millions of our compatriots in the country and around the world in the 90s.

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The creators of the "Siberian Barber" were awarded the 1999 State Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of literature and art.

On March 14, on the last day of Maslenitsa, a special screening will take place with the participation of the filmmakers. The film will be screened in 35mm film format.

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From March 14, the film "The Barber of Siberia" will be available for re-release in the Moschino cinemas chain and other cinemas of the country.

Details and tickets on the Moschino website

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