Production of the Youth Drama "Veta" Begins in Moscow

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Shooting of the new youth drama "Veta" by Stasi Venkova has begun in Moscow. The film contains a galaxy of young talented actors - Anton Rogachev ("Dyldy"), Svyatoslav Rogozhan ("Difficult Teens"), Mila Ershova ("Difficult Teens") and Rosa Khairullina ("Crazy").

The cast also includes musician, Nike Borzov in the first film role, he plays the father of the main character.

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Responsible for the production of the project is the VGIK-Debut Production Center, the general producer is Fyodor Popov, known for the films How Vitka Garlic took Lyokha Shtyr to the Home for the Disabled, Bull, Chupacabra, which became an event in the film industry and collected numerous prizes at Russian and international festivals.

"Veta" is a film about youth and for youth. It has everything that students live: love, envy, choice, betrayal, ups, hopes, disappointments and thirst for life, conflicts, passion, emotions, tenderness, dreams.

Young director Stasya Venkova, a graduate of the workshop of Sergei Solovyov. In her debut as a director, but not her first film experience. Stasya received the Best Young Director award at the Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017 for her short film Midnight Cafe. She also starred in the film "The Thunderstorm" by Gregory of Constantinople; played the main role and co-wrote the script in Sergei Solovyov's film "Uti-uti-uti".

The main character of the picture, Veta, is a student of the acting department of one of the capital's universities. She does not show much promise, but firmly believes in her dream - to become the best in her field.

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Stasya Venkova: "Every person at a certain stage of his life pays great attention to finding himself. At such a difficult and turning point, a nineteen-year-old person can be compared to a defenseless kitten, and then there are two ways - to open up and trust this world or to close in your house. My heroine chooses the first path, but it is he who immediately throws up to her a number of obstacles, overcoming which, she becomes a Personality and Creator. It is important for me to tell everyone who is at the beginning of their journey that it is definitely worth going where it is scary. "

Fedor Popov: "This work hooked me with a fresh message, youthful energy, passion. And in life, the two main passions are creativity and love. In "Veta" there is both. It will be an emotionally poignant movie, with love, with frank moments - bright, spectacular, artistic ".

Filming takes place in Moscow. The film stars: Maria Yanycheva ("Karamora", 2021, directed by D. Kozlovsky), Dasha Balabanova ("Yulenka", 2008, directed by A. Strizhenov, "Gagarin. The First in Space", 2013, directed by P. Parkhomenko ), Anton Rogachev ("Dyldy", 2019, directors S. Sentsov, F. Stukov, "Heavenly Team", 2021, directed by V. Alenikov), Mindaugas Papingis ("Sobibor", 2018, directed by K. Khabensky, " Zoya ", 2020, directed by M. Brius, L. Plyaskin). Rosa Khairullina and Nike Borzov will also take part in the film.

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Stasya Venkova: "The new film will be new in every sense. It's not that I'm in an eternal race for new forms, but the picture will definitely give a new breath, a new generation of artists, a new look at a new world. In my work, I strive for honest feelings, insane beauty and sincere feelings. These are, in fact, the main components of our film. "

Anton Rogachev, actor, performer of the role of Denis: " Participation in the project gives me the opportunity to tell about our acting life. The viewer, who often does not know what is happening behind the scenes, will see how young actors work and live, because in life we ​​are not the same as on stage and in the frame. Stasya chose the acting ensemble for sure. It seems to me that the stars are so formed that everyone plays themselves, we are very similar to our characters, there is almost no distance. Rosa Khairullina, who plays in the film of our master, is another accurate hit in the script! I am grateful for the opportunity to be in the frame with her. "

Dasha Balabanova, actress, performer of the role of Liza: "Nowadays few projects are being shot specifically about young people. The heroes of the film are students of a theater university, with their own ambitions, expectations, demands, strengths and weaknesses. Veta wants to leave her mark on art, and when she faces a choice: love or creativity, the decision will not be easy. And which one - the viewer will know when he watches the film. "

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Genre: youth drama

Release: 2022

Stage Director - Stasya Venkova

Scriptwriter - Stasya Venkova, Anna Ovcharova

Director of photography - Maria Androsova

Set Designer - Alla Belousova

Producer - Fedor Popov

Production: "Production Center" VGIK-Debut "

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