Russian Critics Name the Best Series of 2022

As we approach the end of 2022, Kino-Teatr.Ru traditionally asks leading Russian film and television critics to name the top three Russian TV series and justify their choices, this year the top three were "1703," "Patient Zero," and "Nadvoe."

Our list of experts includes 22 industry representatives collaborating with Time out, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, 7Dney, Silver Rain, Gazeta.Ru, Afisha, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Vokrug TV, Vedomosti , "Arguments and Facts", "KP-Series", "Film Distributor's Bulletin", "ProfiCinema", Digital Reporter, and "KinoReporter."

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All of them actively watched Russian TV series, of which 215 were released in Russia in 2022 (we took into account only projects with more than 4 episodes), 85 of them on TV and 130 on platforms.

In the first place, according to the results of the critics' choice, was the project "1703", in the second - "Patient Zero", the project of Valery Todorovsky "Nadvoe" closes the top three.

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It is worth noting that more projects began to appear in online cinemas than on television - 60.5% versus 39.5%. Last year, 47% of the projects, 107 out of 229, were streaming, in the covid 2020, only a third of the series were shown there, 51 out of 152.

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Despite the growth of streaming platforms, the pace of this growth has slowed somewhat. TV channels, especially the central ones, still have a stable audience and standard content, although, as we will see below, critics almost never choose their favorites among TV projects (this year there are only three mentions).

Of the 215 proposed titles, 22 experts included 25 projects in their individual trios, 13 of them were mentioned more than once, more than three times - a total of 6 series. This indicates that this year the critics were quite unanimous. If you do not consider the ratings, but look only at the mentions, then in total 39 projects appear in this material, of which only 13 received more than three mentions.

The series "Patient Zero" became the leader of mentions (12 times), in second place, with 11 mentions each, were the projects "1703" and "Alice Can't Wait", and the latter was included in the tops only by three experts. Eight times they called "Kidney", "UZZZ" and "13 Clinical", seven - "Drip", six each - "Navvoe", "Black Spring" and "Goremyki". "Doomsday" was liked by five experts, "Frozen", "Mutual consent" and "Aurora" - by four.

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Rating of the best series according to critics:

Critics gave the first place to the TV series " 1703 "(Okko online cinema, 8 episodes, director Sergey Sentsov, production: 1-2-3 PRODUCTION). It won by a good margin - 11 out of 22 critics mentioned this series in the top 3, of which 7 put it in first place.

Second place - "Patient Zero" (Kinopoisk online cinema, 7 episodes, directors Sergey Trofimov, Evgeny Stychkin, production: Sreda Production Company). He has 10 mentions in triples, of which 3 are first places and 4 are second.

Further, at a great distance from the leaders, a number of projects "finish" with a minimum separation from each other.

Third place - "Nadvoe" (online cinema and wink, 9 episodes, dir. Valery Todorovsky, production: Valery Todorovsky's production company). Four mentions in tops, two of them are first places.

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The fourth place was taken by the 13th Clinical project - a fresh breakthrough of the ivi online cinema, which has not yet been really tested by critics, it has four mentions in the tops, two first places and only one point less than Nadvove. Next, right next to each other (places 4 to 7) - taken off the air "Wretches" from the Premier platform, "Drip" of the same broadcaster and, finally, the series of the KION online cinema "Kidney" , shown at the very beginning of 2022.

In 2022, the leaders changed again. Summing up all the projects of different channels, we calculated that the first place was taken by the Kinopoisk online cinema, which took 15 out of 66 (23%) prizes in the tops (two thirds of them are for the series Patient Zero, the rest - for two other projects) . In second place is iwi, they have 4 series this year that fell into the category of the best, in total they took 18% of the tops.

Premier and Okko each have 11 prizes (16.6%), with Premier achieving this thanks to four projects, and Okko thanks to only one winner, the 1703 series. Less popular this year with critics was last year's triumphant KION (three series and five prizes - 7.5%), the same share in the tops of . But Start takes in quantity, 5 projects out of 25 named by critics are theirs, although in total they took only 8 prizes (12%).

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