San Francisco Arts: Maybaum Gallery Presents Artists Sanjay Vora and Karina Bania

San Francisco's Maybaum Gallery is thrilled to present an exhibition throughout the month of April of new gallery artists, Sanjay Vora and Karina Bania, and will be hosting a Dual Artist Reception on April 6. RSVP required.


Born of reflection, Sanjay Vora's pieces become visual experiences, coming to terms with the command and inevitability of time. Brought up in a suburban American home seeped in East Indian heritage and repetitive modal music, he now attempts to resolve his own sense of meaning and truth, endlessly searching to remember and rediscover that which was once familiar.

By the Tree | Oil, acrylic and gel on canvas | 60 x 48 inches

Vora's current bodies of work examine the fragility of the actual; the processing of our place in the now. The acknowledgement of time haunts, holds, and cuts through each painting as a structure and order, a system in place which continuously tests his eventual acceptance.

A Sunny Day at the Reservoir| Oil, acrylic and gel on canvas | 42 x 75 inches


Painted experiences and materials of association become connections as they intersect, live and pass through interstitial, transitional moments towards adulthood and endings--lost, found, dissected, excavated and/or reconstructed into sensations driven by comfort.

When They Always Come Out | Oil, acrylic and gel on canvas | 42 x 75 inches

About Sanjay Vora
Sanjay Vora's work has been presented in numerous national and international exhibitions including, most notably, Personal Structures, at the 2019 Venice Biennale. He is a 2019 recipient of a Sustainable Arts Foundation Grant, and was recently commissioned by Facebook as well as Square, Inc. for large-scale public installations.


His paintings are in many collections including the public collections of Kaiser Permanente and the Rainin Foundation, and has recently been awarded the Herz Recreation Center Public Art Project through the San Francisco Arts Commission. As an educator, he has taught Advanced Painting Studio in the Department of Art Practice at UC Berkeley as well as Visual Arts in a K-8 independent school in Oakland, California. He holds a BS in Architecture from the University of Virginia and an MFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Karina Bania | Recent Paintings

There is a distinct harmony of spontaneity and intention, intuition, and calculation, in Bania's work. Each smear and transparent pool of color seems to have simultaneously found its own inevitable shape and to have been dictated with clarity. With her signature aesthetic vocabulary, Bania moves fluidly between abstract and form.


The thoughtful arrangement and placement of objects amid abstraction form a sense of order and balance. Instinctive gestural marks lay disorder amid the arranged moment speaking to a sense of dualism in which contrary forces create interconnectedness. The placement of each object, mark and gesture is integral to the balance, symmetry, and ultimate transcendence of the work.

Lost In The Moment (diptych) | Acrylic, oil, pigment on canvas | 60 x 48 inches each

"Since childhood, I've always felt there are two ways of seeing. In any moment, we can look at things as they are, or see them abstractly. Behind the solid shapes and outlines of objects, lives another life where boundaries blur, edges dissolve and feelings, movement, and emotions live." - Karina Bania

For Myself | Acrylic, oil on canvas | 48 x 48 inches

About Karina Bania
Karina Bania is an abstract painter living and working in California. Largely self-taught, her degree is in Business, but she picked up a paintbrush and a backpack the day after graduating. She spent many years living around the world developing her art. While studying in India, she began incorporating local pigments and dyes into her work, eventually developing her unique style of stained washes and vocabulary of shapes and marks on raw canvas. Her paintings are a synthesis of all she sees, studies, and surrounds herself with.

These Feelings Were True (diptych) | Acrylic, oil, ink, pigment, and pastel on canvas | 40 x 40 inches each

Maybaum Gallery is open Tuesday - Saturday 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM
We kindly ask visitors to schedule an appointment for private viewings of the exhibition or a selection of artworks.

Yarrow | Acrylic, oil, charcoal on canvas | 36 x 48 inches

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