"The Six Sides of Truth," from Haute-Lifestyle.com Publisher Janet Walker, Unveils Pitch Deck

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Janet Walker, publisher, and founder of the luxury lifestyle digital Haute-Lifestyle.com and The-Entertainment-Zone.com, has unveiled the pitch deck for her award-winning cerebral espionage thriller, The Six Sides of Truth as the film moves into the funding phase.


From Cannes to Toronto and Los Angeles to Chicago, The Six Sides of Truth, continues earning global raves with Special Mention at the Athens (Greece) International Monthly Art Film Festival and at the Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival.


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The Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards said, "The Six Sides of Truth cannot be ignored," calling the screenplay, a "cerebral thriller."

The Six Sides of Truth weaves a tale of riveting suspense from Manhattan to Washington, D.C., as Laine Holland, a recognized investigative news reporter, discovers the human testing of a classified project, and her race against time to expose the high-ranking government officials, including the chairwoman of the Senate Counter-Intelligence Committee, who will stop at nothing, including murder, to silence her.

The recent recognition of The Six Sides of Truth, The Wednesday Killer, and The Assassins of Fifth Avenue, bring the total awards and selections to 31. Ms. Walker has recently completed a fourth screenplay, The Manhattan Project and an unscripted investigative series Rape, Religion, Wall Street and Money.

Ms. Walker's Filmography and Bio can be seen on IMDB at imdb.me/JanetWalker1 and for a complete bio and awards listing visit FilmFreeway.com/JanetWalker.

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The Six Sides of Truth (Awards)

Winner Best First Time Screenwriter (Feature) - Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA).

Winner Best Script - Hollywood Blvd Film Festival.

Winner Best Unproduced Script - Toronto International Women Film Festival.

Winner Best Script - Miami Indie Film Awards.

Finalist - Swedish International Cinema Festival.

Finalist - LA Independent Women Film Awards.

Finalist - Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA).

Semi-Finalist - Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA).

Quarter-Finalist - Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA).

Quarter-Finalist - Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards.

Quarter-Finalist - Chicago Screenplay Awards.

Honorable Mention - Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards.

Special Mention - Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival.

Special Mention - Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival.

Official Selection - Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA).

Official Selection - California Indies Film and Script Fest.

Official Selection - Toronto Film and Script Awards.

Official Selection - Hollywood Blvd Film Festival.

Official Selection - Toronto International Women Film Festival.

Official Selection - Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards.

Official Selection - Festival for Trailers Monthly.

Official Selection - LA Sun Film Fest.

Official Selection - Chicago Indie Film Awards.

Official Selection - Swedish International cinema Festival.

Official Selection - Cannes International Cinema Festival.

Official Selection - Berlin International Art Film Festival.

Ms. Walker has also completed three additional screenplays, The Wednesday Killer, The Assassins of Fifth Avenue and The Manhattan Project, which are also receiving notice and mention at film festivals, and an unscripted investigative series, Rape, Religion, Wall Street and Money.

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The Wednesday Killer

The Wednesday Killer, a riveting, race against time crime drama, tells the story of a sadomasochistic murderer targeting affluent New York City women and the FBI agent driven by childhood memories to catch this monster before he kills again.

"One of the most attractive qualities of the script is the immediate sense of unease the writer introduces in showing [the killer] as a very wealthy, well-liked, and charming man before revealing his homicidal habits," Portland Screenplay Awards.

Winner Best Unproduced Screenplay - Miami Indie Film Awards.

Quarter-Finalist - Portland Screenplay Awards.

Semi-Finalist - Atlanta Screenplay Awards.

Official Selection - LA Independent Women Film Awards.

The Assassins of Fifth Avenue

The Assassins of Fifth Avenue, an edgy crime thriller, tells the story of a wealthy criminal mastermind, a serial killer, and a reporter determined to uncover the truth and the exiled detective she enlists to help her find the killer before he kills again.

Quarter-Finalist - Los Angeles International Screenplay.

The Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project, a riveting, fast-action, suspense thriller, weaves a tale of greed and corruption, as a dedicated investigative news team work to expose a depraved minister and a tenacious DEA agent, haunted by the murder of her family, race to capture a ruthless cartel leader with a foothold in Manhattan's legal system.



New York Film Critics Circle Awards Ceremony Scheduled for January 2023

About Haute-Lifestyle.com

Haute-Lifestyle.com, "The Huff Post of Luxury," has provided readers with breaking news and political coverage since the 2012 Presidential election and following up beginning in 2013 the weekly Beltway Insider, a review of the nation's top stories from inside the beltway.

Across the eight sections and 41 subsections, Haute-Lifestyle.com brings readers a cosmopolitan beat with global political coverage along with coverage in crime, science, technology, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, travel and leisure, book reviews, music and so much more.

Haute-Lifestyle.com, is read weekly in 19 countries, and is the first operating online magazine created and founded by Ms. Janet Walker. She has also created the The-Entertainment-Zone.com, currently introduced through a social media awareness campaign, and Five Star Food & Wine.com. Find us at http://www.Haute-Lifestyle.com.

**Haute-Lifestyle.com, along with Ms. Walker's other online and written properties, are solely owned and operated by Janet Walker. She is the sole proprietor. Nor has she given any person or persons permission to perform any duties on her behalf. Any person or persons who indicate by any means that they represent Haute-Lifestyle.com, or Ms. Janet Walker is committing fraud.**

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