Style: Tips to Stay Fashionable in Winter

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New York City, often considered a fashion mecca, can see wind chills below zero. What’s a fashion forward girl to do? Simply layering techniques can ensure even a fashionista can brave old man winter in style.

Use these simple ways to layer for the winter fashionably to ensure you stay absolutely comfortable, warm, and, most importantly, drop-dead stylish.

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Attempting to find the absolute perfect balance of trendiness and functionality in relation to essential winter layers is no easy task. However, it is entirely possible with some creativity and these three very simple tips.

Staying warm is the overall most important priority when venturing outside into the cold. An easy way to get cozy is by picking up a quality, thick coat and calling it a day. However, adding on trendy layers in lieu of one clothing item makes an outfit appear more complex and stylish. Check out these three simple ways to layer for winter fashionably.

Dress in Odds

For all things fashion, great style comes in threes and fives. When putting together a trendy winter outfit, all items should be at odds over evens. For instance, three layers are better than two because they add more depth to your ensemble and “pop” to the eye.

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This “odds” rule also refers to color—always combine three or five similar hues (darks or lights) so that the outfit doesn’t appear boxy. Three layers offer a more functional protective barrier against the winter elements.

Complement Materials

Complementing is the name of the game when it comes to layering, both in color and material. Oftentimes, individuals create a fantastic outfit and throw on any old coat that clashes with the overall style.

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The biggest fabric faux pas is matching synthetic athletic materials with wool or cotton. This combination is a distraction and detracts from one’s wardrobe. Some lab-made fabrics, like highly durable fleece, arean acceptable complement to cashmere, wool, and other heavier materials.

Tight to Loose

Another good rule of thumb for proper layering is going from a tight fit to a loose fit. That means the first layer, whether a sweater or shirt, is the most body-conforming clothing item compared to the others.

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The next layer, such as a zip-up, turtleneck, or windbreaker, should be a happy medium in fit—it can be worn inside or out without leaving the wearer too cold or hot. Lastly, the final layer must be the loosest fit, allowing for better depth and comfort.

With these three simple ways to layer for winter fashionably, one can enjoy the wonders of nature, no matter the season. More importantly, they can look their best while doing it!

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