Three Things to Consider When Buying Jewelry

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The right piece of jewelry can make or break your outfit. A stunning necklace can make even the blandest outfit look sophisticated. Yet, that doesn’t mean you should throw on any old necklace you have lying around.

Your jewelry must be on-point to accentuate your look. Therefore, be mindful when you’re purchasing these accessories. Below are three things to consider when buying jewelry. If you follow these rules, you’ll undoubtedly look amazing.

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Research Different Materials

Not all jewelry is created equal. You must know the different materials of jewelry before you go shopping. For example, to the untrained eye, white gold and silver look incredibly similar. Yet, it’s vital to know there are distinguishable differences between the two.

White gold is typically more expensive than silver jewelry. Also, it has a durable finish that can hold extremely intricate details. You’d be able to see detailed carvings in a white gold necklace more than a silver one. On the other hand, silver has a gleaming finish and is more affordable than white gold.

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It’s essential that you know these details about every kind of material before you go shopping so that you can make the best decision possible. It’d be awful if you wanted a bracelet that outlines specific details, but you bought a silver piece without knowing that white gold was the better option.

Does the Piece Make a Statement?

One of the main reasons why people wear jewelry is because it makes a statement. Before you purchase it, think about how a piece of jewelry will add to your wardrobe. Try on a pair of earrings before you bring them home.

See how they look on you. Will they accentuate your overall look, or will they deter from it? Another thing to keep in mind is if a piece of jewelry is too outlandish. The last thing you want is for your friends to judge your style choices at the next cocktail party. Make sure every piece of jewelry you buy is eye-catching without being too much.

Will the Jewelry Irritate Your Skin?

Nothing is more unflattering than a skin rash. It’s crucial to know how your skin reacts to certain metals before you buy any jewelry. Some metals can cause skin irritation for those with sensitivities.

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For example, people who are allergic to nickel shouldn’t buy anything made of white gold, because there is nickel in this material. Sterling silver, on the other hand, is an excellent alternative for people with sensitive skin. This material is much gentler on the skin, and it’s less likely to cause a reaction. Make sure you know if you have any allergies before you go jewelry shopping.

There are so many important things to consider when buying jewelry. You should never just randomly buy a pair of earrings on a whim. Instead, research the different materials and think about any allergies you have.

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Also, consider how the jewelry will add to your overall style. The right necklace can completely elevate your look. If you want to be known as a fashionista amongst your friends, think before you buy a piece of jewelry.

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