Health, Wellness: Best Herbal Teas to Calm and Comfort

From the renowned health benefits, they're known for to the unique, rich flavors and aromas they provide in each cup, it should be no surprise that loose-leaf herbal teas are as popular as they are.

Since there are so many blends available, newcomers to the world of loose-leaf herbal tea blends sometimes struggle to find the perfect entry point. Any of these three options are the perfect starting point for beginners.

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Chamomile is a smooth, floral tea perfect for brewing before bed or after a long workday. These are popular scenarios for indulging in chamomile because this tea has a reputation for diminishing sleeping difficulties and anxiety. A lack of sleep can make a busy day even more stressful than it already is. Luckily, brewing a warm cup of chamomile can help busy workers get the serenity they need each night.

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A cup of passionflower tea delivers a calming experience and an earthy, grassy taste. Although the flavors differ, passionflower and chamomile share a similarity—a reputation for helping with sleep issues. Whether it’s during a lunch break or right before bed, brewing a cup of passionflower tea can be a rewarding experience. It’s not uncommon to mix passionflower and valerian root to boost those sleep aid and stress-relief benefits.

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As the name suggests, this herbal tea has a strong, refreshingly cool flavor. Peppermint tea is a popular drink due to its reputation for relaxing muscles and soothing stomach pains—it’s even a go-to drink for tea enthusiasts suffering from the common cold. Aside from its health benefits, peppermint tea is a must-try for anyone who appreciates the flavor, aroma, and ingredients in a good drink. One whiff of peppermint tea delivers an incredible scent equally refreshing as its flavor.

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Although there are many options available, the three blends above are the best herbal teas you should try. That being said, not every flavor will be the right fit for every person who consumes it.

People have personal tastes, and tea is no exception to this. Luckily, there’s an eclectic selection of herbal teas on the market. Even if the first cup doesn’t suit one’s tastes, there are plenty of other delicious blends to try.

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