Health, Wellness: Mental Wellbeing Tips For Busy Men

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The fact is the last year or so has been brutally tough on our mental health. When the first lockdown hit in 2020, it wasn’t long before studies started to show that we were all feeling the strain.

As more and more time has passed, we are beginning to see just how severe the impact has been. One of the biggest problems has been that many of us have found ourselves so busy that taking good care of ourselves has slipped to the bottom of our to-do list.

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However, in times as difficult and turbulent as these, it’s so important that we not only take the time to look after each other, but to look after ourselves. Here are a few everyday mental wellbeing tips to help you stay happy and healthy.

Don’t Forget To Get Outside

When we’re all so busy, it’s so easy to roll straight from bed to your desk, work until it’s quitting time (grabbing a quick sandwich when you’re hungry), and then roll straight from your desk to the sofa.

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It’s especially easy when we’re all spending so much time at home, but as the weather continues to improve and things start to open back up, do try to get outside for at least an hour a day. You don’t need to be going for a run but stepping out into the fresh air does have a real impact on your mental wellbeing.

Don’t Let Those Things That Are Bothering You Go Unchecked

Again, this issue can be tough to address when you’ve got a lot on your plate, but if you’re starting to notice that you are ignoring those health issues that keep you up at night, it could be a sign that your mental health is not in the best shape.

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Maybe you’ve noticed a mole and you’re putting off getting it checked. Maybe you’ve got a toothache and you think it’ll go away if you ignore it for long enough. Maybe you’re having some issues in the bedroom and don’t feel like you can discuss it.

But remember that all of these health issues are common, and they can all be addressed by talking to your GP and finding the right treatment.

For example, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, there are plenty of treatments out there such as sildenafil which can help you achieve and maintain an erection, and they are easy to order online. Chemist Click has more information on what dosage might work for you.

Don’t Stop Talking

We’ll close by addressing one of the big ones: when you’re so busy, it’s easy to assume that everyone else has just as much on their plate, if not more, and that they don’t have time for you, or that your problems are not important. But closing yourself off from the people who care about you is a sure-fire way to make sure these issues continue to build.

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Try sharing how you’re feeling with a friend or family member or see whether talking to your GP or a counsellor makes a difference. Suffering in silence is not healthy. The people in your life care about you and they want to know how you are.

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