Home, Décor: Fun and Simple Ways to Create a Cozy Kitchen

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If you ever felt as if your kitchen is too clean and cold for casual cooking and friendly conversation, we've come up with a few ways to bring a little warmth back into this important room.

The kitchen is a place for cooking, eating, working, and sometimes relaxing. Depending on the layout, you may have barstools around a counter or a tiny space that doesn't feel too welcoming. Either way, there are tools for creating a truly cozy space. Check out these fun and simple ways to make your kitchen cozier for everyone.

Home, Décor: How to Make a Luxurious Home Cozy

Bring In Other Light

There is nothing worse than cold, bright lights in the kitchen. Therefore, create an area where the light diffuses naturally with warmer shades closer to the daytime sun. Bring in other light sources to create a cozy atmosphere. You can even kick it up a notch with dimmable and color-changing bulbs that give a variety of moods.

Use Cozy Colors

While most people consider the colors on the warm side of the spectrum to provide a sense of heartwarming coziness, the right shade of any color can create a peaceful, calming atmosphere.

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Use cozy shades to maximize your kitchen's warm charm. Explore the paint section at a hardware store for inspiration and ask an associate what colors they'd recommend based on the kitchen's current layout.

Lift Items off the Counter

Though a cold color scheme and intense lighting will keep your space chilly and uninviting, clutter and messiness will do the same thing. Also, don't let items accumulate on the kitchen countertops. Instead, lift stuff off the counter and put them on paintable floating shelves attached to the wall. The more surface space available, the easier it will be to declutter.

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Adding a bar-top table, counter or portable island in the kitchen allows for additional seating and tabletop space. Conversation can be built around preparation for any event from a simple dinner for two to an Impromptu Friday Night get together to holiday gatherings and formal dinners. Great conversation can be had during meal preparation and the warm comforting feeling of a cozy kitchen often brings friends and families closer.

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Remember these fun and simple ways to make your kitchen cozier as you renovate or redesign the kitchen. Enjoy the warmer look and cozier surroundings no matter how the atmosphere changes.

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