Home, Décor: Ways to Make Your Home Come to Life

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The home is a space where we want guests to feel comfortable, so homeowners need to know ways they can make their home come to life, so the living space exudes warmth, and is welcoming and inviting.

Even small changes can make a world of difference. For some ideas here are a few tips.

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Switch Up Your Wall Colors

Your home's wall colors play a big part in how open and inviting your living space looks. Generally, white walls are the default, offering a neutral, nonconfrontational aesthetic that is pleasing to most people. But even though many people prefer a neutral backdrop, white walls can make a space look sterile and boring.

Look into light blues, yellows, and greens to offer more splashes of color throughout your house. Colors like red and darker shades of purple and blue can make your home feel more confining and claustrophobic. Know what to implement and how to enhance your walls.

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Look Into Art and New Décor

While painting walls can offer some visual diversity, hanging up art pieces and some decorations can provide visually interesting set pieces. Art, whether depicting the natural world, architecture, or people, can add aesthetic value to your home, creating visual diversity and interest throughout the home.

When you decorate with artwork or photos, consider whether to hang them in portrait or landscape orientation; find what'll fit best in your existing space and will pleasingly draw the eye. Décor such as wall hangings, patterned floors, and unusual light fixtures also play a role in creating ambience.

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Update Your Lighting Situation

One of the simplest ways to enhance your home's aesthetic is to switch out your incandescent light bulbs with LEDs. Incandescent bulbs produce a warm orange light, which isn't always the most ideal look for many rooms.

Further, incandescent bulbs don't emit even light throughout your rooms. LEDs, however, provide smooth, even lighting with an appealing white glow; this kind of light makes rooms feel more welcoming and relaxing.

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Make Your Home Pop

Knowing some ways to make your home more welcoming is essential when you want to transform your living space into a more comfortable area, both for you and your guests. Give an old room new life by installing art, updating your lights, or painting your walls.

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