Home, Décor: Three Interesting Ways Lighting Can Affect Your Mood

Light is often an overlooked part of a room that you can easily change. Lighting is a detail that will help you curate your home or business. Consider these three interesting ways lighting can affect your mood.

Change your lighting, change the mood, and create the atmosphere of your home or business. Have confidence in your lighting choices. Decide what mood and atmosphere you would like to have and choose your lighting accordingly!

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Colored Light

The relationship between color and emotion is immense. Green tones can provide a calming atmosphere. Red represents passion and can push for intensity and action. Blue tones can also create a calming presence. Consider what color(s) you want to implement into your lighting system. Whether it's for your daily living space or an event lighting system, remember that colored lights can affect your mood.

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Bright Light

The brightness of a light strongly affects your mood. Several studies suggest your emotions are also linked to the intensity of a light. The brighter the lights, the more energy you may have, and vice versa. Metal halide bulbs may be a good choice if you desire cool-toned, harsher light. If you prefer natural light, consider LED lighting. Everyone has a preference for their lighting. Some may not want very bright lighting because it can cause headaches and leave you feeling tenser.

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Natural Light

It's no secret that natural light has health benefits. Natural sunlight can increase your vitamin D levels, strengthen your bones, prevent cancer, and even heal some skin conditions. It doesn't stop there. Your mental health can improve from natural sunlight, too. Research shows that sunlight exposure improves your mood. Allowing natural light into a workplace can improve energy levels and overall employee demeanor.

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Consider these three interesting ways lighting can affect your mood. Choose the lighting that works best in your space. Help control the tone and mood of a room with the lighting you choose.

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