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President Barack Obama began his two terms as America's first African American President, on a cold day in January 2009, reciting the oath of office to a record crowd swelling as both parties, paused and had the audacity to hope.

According to Gallup, President Obama's job approval, over the past week, increased one percentage point to 46% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President remained constant at 50%.

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Obama Presidency

As the last of those historic terms are approaching an end and the Obama administration is judged he will be both the best and worst president modern history recalls. The Economy, a beacon in his presidency is better today although Americans may not be financially better and in order to achieve the American Dream may have to downsize it somewhat.

Obama and the Economy

When the President took office in 2009, the world had been plunged into a global economic recession. Unemployment rates skyrocketed in some cities to nearly 10% of the population. Industries of American workers were being terminated, American jobs were heading to Asia, India and other parts of the world were workers could be paid minimal and expect less.

Obama's first term saw no change in the economic recovery. A nation caught in the worst recession since the Great Depression, Americans were restless and wanted, needed change and results rapidly. Midterm election proved their point quite effectively as Republicans took control of the house.

With Democrats holding the Senate and Republicans holding the House Americans came to understand government, deadlocked government. The truth is actually when American was at its worst or most needy, when locked in the throes of this generations Great Depression, the parties worked for the people.

Bills were passed, economic recovery packages sailed through congress and with minimal upheaval the house as well. It seems for one brief moment, Washington had one thing on its mind and that was the plight of the American people.

With Unemployment cemented at 8.0 for forty straight months, the Obama Administration headed into its second Election campaign running on fumes, hope was depleted. Running on economic recovery was hard pressed when 8% of the population was still out of work, savings were dwindling and hard won victories for the people were ending.

The Obama Administration somehow pulled a victory out the American people and miraculously the unemployment began to fall, slowly at first, and finally substantially.

By the end of the Obama's Second term his administration will pass on a more stable economy to the next president.

Savings accounts have dwindled and even those who meticulously prepared for their own financial recovery, strategically surveying the landscaped and understanding the economic future, may not see the promise of financial freedom and the American dream. 

Obama and the Rise of Terror

In September 2012 the international unrest and spotlight was interjected into the political arena as the American embassy in Benghazi Libya was attacked in the middle of the night on the anniversary of September 11, and Ambassador J. Christopher Stephens was murdered along with two others.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the presumptive candidate for the 2016 candidate even at that time, quickly took full responsibility for the attack. The rhetoric disseminated after, a Muslin filmmaker had created a documentary depicting Allah in lewd and lascivious sexual positions, was widely distributed by the American media. A Muslim filmmaker was arrested.

All statements of fault and blame on a Muslim filmmaker were false, erroneous. The embassies was attacked by terrorists who had plotted on the anniversary of September 11, the highest of holy days in the terror community, to once again prove dominance against the great satan America.

Benghazi, has remained embedded in the psyche of the American people not for the lies, and rhetoric released immediately by the White House after the attacks. It is effectively a tangible event that marks the rise in terror strikes and a group known now as the Islamic fighters, ISIS/ISIL, whatever the name you chose, the Benghazi compound strike ushered in Obama's foreign policy failures.

International Terror Attacks have never been higher. We have never seen the tally of attacks tick so high so quickly. ISIS has made an indelible mark on the world one which the world plans to erase.

Obama and His Post Presidency Legacy

Never before in history have Americans been so vulnerable and disrespected internationally. Never in history has any nation not feared the retaliation of the American president should one citizen be harmed, let alone the heinous beheadings that this administration has placidly sat through.

Building an international coalition was about Obama and his concern over failure. The one singular objective of the Obama Administration is legacy. President Obama will not undertake foreign policy if it will in anyway undermine his post office legacy.

Obama Spits on Charlie Hebdo and the Parisian People

His absence from the 40 Nation march in February 2015 marking the world's reply to the ISIS' attack on Charlie Hebdo was to protect his legacy. His failure, his absence caused the American people humiliation.

Our leader once again goes soft on foreign policy and afraid his post president legacy when the world does a full circle and eventually supports the Islamic State fighters, which is unlikely.

Granted the White House plastered rhetoric on security as if Obama was the only world leader attending, then position was rumored as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was up for reelection that any appearance of support would be inappropriate and apparently illegal.

The bottom line is naturally the President of the United States sat out the largest anti-terror post World War II gathering of European nations.

With the President's absence interpreted by Islamic State fighters and leadership as permission they continue to assault Europe with attacks in Tunisia, with a thwarted Parisian Train attacks with a Night of Terror in which 130 Parisian were murdered and many others injured. And finally an attack in San Bernardino killing 14 Americans on American soil.

President Obama has, if nothing else, been consistent in his foreign policy failures.

The President and Israel

President Obama was clear that Israel had no greater ally than the United States to which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, sitting with the president in the Oval office said the same, the United States has no greater ally in the region than Israel.

The president however, in his efforts to tests the friendship and of course as Israel is a small nation, and in reality needs the United States basically explained if you plan to continue our friendship you have to tolerate our new friendship that with your, generational and ancestral, hated neighbor Iran and the newly elected moderate President Hassan Rouhani. Another Obama failure.

Unparalleled Access to Assault Weapons

President Obama in his two terms have put the very sticky issue of Gun Control on a medium boil. The American people are fed up, enraged that every aspect of life, our freedoms have been grossly infringed upon by lunatics running around with assault weapons and modified magazine clips holding enough ammunition to kill a small army.

Deranged, as the President stated are not defined by this White House as Terrorists. This publication and author does not have the same definition.

The radical gun enthusiast with metal issues who picks up and with a pornographic lust holds, caresses and aims with intent to commit murder at Sandy Hook, at Virginia Tech, at Aurora, at Charleston, at Santa Monica, at Columbine, at Fort Hood, at Oakland, at Seal Beach, at Tucson, at Manchester, at Huntsville, at Washington, D.C., and the list goes on or a terrorist which Webster's defines as a radical who practices what all agree is a skewed religious ideology, picks up and with religious zealotry holds, caresses shouts religious rhetoric aims with intent to murder with a mental derangement, a blindness, to anything except his skewed doctrine commits mass murder.

Yes. Both are skewed religious ideologies and mental depravations. Both deserve the same amount of federal manpower and federal task force and global consideration as the rise of terror and religious zealotry continue to encroach.

Gun Control in the Obama White House is an extension of the President's soft foreign policy legacy. Vice President Joseph Biden tasked with after Sandy Hook, again to spare the president his Post-Presidency legacy, crafting Common Sense Gun Control modifications. To his credit he did. Unfortunately, the rise of the religious ideology supersedes the deranged and the common sense gun reform laws were muted by religion.

The president's post presidency legacy may be best summed up by the words of Shakespeare in Julius Caesar spoken by Marc Antony, "The evil that men do is remembered after their deaths, but the good is often buried with them."

Election 2016

As front runners in both parties, Democratic presumptive candidate Hillary Clinton and GOP toss up Front Runner Donald Trump and Rubio, Cruz, Bush, Christie and others continue to trade barbs in the media the official primary season begins in earnest with the voters of both parties able to begin the shifting process with New Hampshire Primaries and Iowa Caucuses beginning in February for both parties.

Farkhunda Malikzada

Farkhunda Malikzada, a 27 year old student of Islam, a female, in March 2015 was falsely accused of burning a Quran, by a group of Muslim men in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The widely released video seen here taken by many in the crowd who actively filmed the beating created an international humanitarian incident as the video of her brutal beating, mob mentality inciting a crowd of men to pummel the female as she tried to explain the lies.

The penalty for accusation in Kabul? A nation the United States offers assistance and aid, a nation that the United States has supported for more than a decade? Accusation, whether one is guilty or not, if one is female the penalty is death.

A mob of men quickly gathered on that day in March when Farkhunda attempted to explain to the men, the accusation were more than false then were lies to cover for her accusations of members using the Shrine for a marketplace.

The motivations behind inciting the mob in the first place was the deep humiliations the men would suffer as Farkhunda confronted them for tracking in trinkets, amulets and as has been widely disseminated condoms and Viagra.

Condoms, of course would suggest sexual activity, possibly outside ones marriage, not that any of the men would care as adultery in Afghanistan is punishable by stoning death only for the female. 

The seven minute video, which can be seen here, shows Farkhunda, bloody, beaten with intermittent attempts at rescue by local traffic cops.

The same rhetoric shouted at the Le Bataclan, at Charlie Hebdo, and in every other ISIS attacks is heard here in this video as the mob of men could really care less if she is innocent. For a brief moment it looked as if Farkhunda, with the help of local traffic police, is able to escape as they pull her to a roof.

The men, enraged, driven mad by lies, grabbed planks 2 x 4's and tripped her pulling her back into the angry mob. The mentality is that of the jungle attack, an animal lie half dead, the law of the jungle calls for the final blow and killing.

Farkhunda's body, after being brutally beaten and it is not known is she is dead or alive, is placed under the wheels of a minivan and she is run over, and dragged 300 feet. The men pause, debating as to the next violation. Farkhunda is taken to a river bed and placed against the river wall where (and hopefully a God, hers or mine, will have ended her life by now, and, she was stuck with slabs of cement by the older men, and pelted with baseball size rocks by the younger men.

What to do next? The men pause shouting the usual terrorist rhetoric or whomever Issues the violence against women orders and the falsely accused Farkhunda is set afire. The fire ends any real opportunity for continued multination or depravation the police finally arrive, fire a few shots in the air and the men disperse.

A video captures the frames of the mob – a young man, an older man, boys eager for manhood and a chance to fight against the infidel rub shoulders with the older brothers in arms.

Women, nowhere to be seen, are the most hated member of society in Kabul. They are worth nothing. Animals that give meat or milk are of more value.

I am sure the god who issues the edicts which call for the senseless murders across the world, murders in Cold blood, murder for the advancement of an ideology, will condemn me as I stand for women, who can be falsely accused and as we see the Quran is the trigger.

And the truth of the trigger? Sex. So the women doesn't want to engage in sexual relations with any man (husband, neighbor's husband, stranger), her punishment? False accusation birthing mob mentality, beating, stoning, murder and set a fire. What is the United States doing defending these animals?

Two days after Farkhunda was beaten she was pronounced innocent from burning the Quran. Those, some, responsible for the most severe blows were rounded up, and sentenced. The beating, burning and death just another day in the life of Afghan women.

For more information on President Barack Obama:

Sources:,, Video of the Murder of Farkhunda courtesy of the New  York Times.


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