World Politics: Iran Abolishes Morality Hit Squads

While Iran has been shaken for several months by demonstrations calling for a liberalization of the regime, the Republic of the mullahs has announced the abolition of the morality police so feared by Iranian women.

Is this the first sign of collapse or implicate tactical move? With the announcement of the abolition of the  morality police, which ensured compliance with the law requiring women to wear the veil throughout Iran, some would think that the regime is showing a first flaw here.

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It is true that what can be likened to a sign of openness on the part of the Islamic Republic suggests   that Iran is moving towards the path   of modernization, expected both internally and externally, many countries have been calling for the abolition of the wearing of the veil for many years and more broadly a loosening of   the regime mired in a social, political, and political crisis. endless economy.

However, as much as we encourage this gesture, we must remain cautious about the ambitions of the dignitaries of the regime, certainly followed by increasingly powerful and listened to reformers.

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A Youth Turned Towards the West

Caution therefore and several reasons invite to  start with the will of the mullahs to want to calm quickly by a   strong and concrete gesture the social protest  that has shaken the country since September 16     following the arrest on 13 September of Mahsa Amini, a young Iranian Kurdish student who had defied the authorities by removing her veil.

The second reason is that by decreeing the  abolition of the  Morality Police, the regime  is also diverting demonstrators from other reasons for protest that could further undermine a weakened regime. Plagued by inflation, plagued by international sanctions, discredited, and  isolated internationally, Iran now relies only on the support of Russia and China, which are themselves in need of violence. recognition, especially Russia.

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Finally, while Iran is strongly suspected of  enriching uranium for military purposes, the abolition of this state organ gives the West of pledges of goodwill and understanding in the face of youth is more oriented towards the West than towards the East.

Ultimately, a complex equation than the one facing the regime because to give too much   to a globally   young Iranian   population eager for modernity, the risk of to see the Islamic Republic seriously teeter, then overflow, becomes real. In another time, being satisfied with only this gesture could appear as  a minimum calling for other advances as the   Iranian people aspire to profound changes. Both in the status of women in the  first place but also in the functioning of Iranian society.

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Thus, to say that Iran is on the brink of a second revolution is certainly excessive but is not entirely inappropriate. Strangled by religious principles considered obsolete today, the Iranian population, cultured and educated, could not be satisfied with the mere abolition of the morality police, seeking very much.  Certainly, in the coming weeks to push its advantage as the demonstrations have been able to make sure to make the regime.          


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