World News: French President Macron Stealthy Campaigns For A Second Term

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French President Emmanuel Macron has not officially announced his intention to seek another term, and yet with only one year before the deadline his high profile the trips to the regions have begun to provide insight into his intentions.

Although the President of the Republic is not officially in the electoral campaign, the trips to the regions that have begun give the impression of this. But, one year before the deadline, it is the echoes of these displacements that will influence the last months of the quinquennium.

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The popular adage confirms it: You are never so well served as by yourself!  This is certainly what President Macron said to himself before embarking on his tour of France in order to officially hear and listen to the territories; unofficially to take the pulse of the regions a few weeks before the regional and departmental elections and a few months before the presidential elections.

The President of the Republic, concerned about his image but even more about his record as the last year of his five-year term begins, seems to be turning his back on the traditional polls. Moreover, the latter are neither damning nor glorifying for the Head of State.

They are a photo of a sample of respondents interviewed via a specific question that is supposed to reflect the action of the executive and how it is felt in public opinion. Thus, in a very Gaullist tradition to which all his predecessors gave way, Emmanuel Macron goes to beat the campaign. surely. But what results can we expect from it?

Reforms, Opportunism, and Immobility

If the echoes of these regional escapades turn out to be bad or mixed, it will be too late, in view of the time remaining before the 2022 election, to put on the table a set of reforms likely to reverse the course of the trend with, in addition, the almost certain risk of being denounced by the opposition and its declared opponents of opportunism.

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If the echoes are in fact rather positive or even positive, then it will be necessary not to offend a versatile and susceptible opinion. That is also why the very explosive issue of pension reform, promised in 2017, remains for the time being on the President's desk, carefully put away.

For all that, is it not more difficult, even politically dangerous, for the President, in the event that his action meets with the approval of the French, to give in to immobility in order to be the target of the opposition again? It is a cornelian choice that can potentially appear before the President of the Republic, divided between a limited but targeted action and a reassuring immobilism but a factor of criticism that some would consider justified.

The exercise in which the President of the Republic finally engages, filled and transi with republican fervor, however, opens Pandora's box because no one knows what will come out of it even if he has a fairly clear image of it.

Influence and Euphemism

To say that the tenant of the Elysée palace is now at risk of being elected is unfounded and premature, but to put forward the echoes of this tour de France of the regions will have an influence on the next eleven months is indisputable.

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To summarize it very schematically, the presidential campaign that Emmanuel Macron opens with these first trips to the regions exposes politically the individual, which is also and very classically, the principle of any electoral campaign.

And to say that this one has a particular taste, between memories of the Yellow Vests and hints of a pandemic, is a euphemism as the presidential candidate leaves loaded with a liability, for the first roughly settled, for the second still too recent to be the subject of a sieve of history.

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Of all these elements and events, plus others that are missing here, Emmanuel Macron, has produced a synthesis through which he presents himself as the common denominator, the one who knew how to solve them, yesterday, as today and obviously, in his eyes, as tomorrow. Because as the popular saying goes, one more, who wants to travel far,... . (in Les Plaideurs,Jean Racine,1668)



Bio: Olivier Longhi an opinion columnist for, has extensive experience in European history. A seasoned journalist with fifteen years of experience, he is currently professor of history and geography in the Toulouse region of France. He has held a variety of publishing positions, including Head of Agency and Chief of Publishing. A journalist, recognized blogger, editor, and editorial project manager, he has trained and managed editorial teams, worked as a journalist for various local radio stations, a press and publishing consultant, and a communications consultant.

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