Yellowstone Reopens After Apocalyptic Floods (Pics)

Yellowstone National Park, an oasis of pristine natural beauty, became the target of mother nature's fury after an atmospheric river and extreme snowpack melt merged creating unprecedented rain and overflowing rivers leading to apocalyptic flooding and catastrophic damage.

Shocking images have filled news and media outlets of entirely washed out and destroyed roadways, bridges collapsing under the torrents of swirling, rushing, water, riverfront homes and Yellowstone Park housing units ripped off their foundations as the Yellowstone rivers, churned, and powered downstream annihilating everything their paths.

Image courtesy of The National Parks Service.

The United States Geological Society (USGS) deemed the devastation as a once in 500 years catastrophic event, stranding park visitors and isolating towns along the North Entrance Gate, including tourist dependent towns along the Yellowstone River.

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"The northern section of the park and its entrances, which were damaged more severely by flooding, remained closed, but the Park Service said on Sunday that it would spend $50 million to restore temporary access to the northern portion of the park, including from Gardiner and Cooke City, Mont., within two weeks," The New York Times reported.

Image courtesy of The National Parks Service.

Gardiner, Montana, with a year-round population of less than 1000, is a live by tourism town. One week ago on Monday June 13, the summer season derailed as the cataclysmic floods roared through this quaint old west river front village demolishing two lane highways built to breathe life into this historic community along Yellowstone's north entrance.

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By Tuesday, the season was all but lost. More than four miles of roadways leading to the park no longer exists, obliterated by the destructive power of mother nature, isolating residents, and anyone else who happened to be trapped inside the boundaries of Gardiner.

Image courtesy of The National Parks Service.

With the damage assessments yet to be announced, Gardiner will now be a town that is resurrected by construction workers as officials move as quickly as possible to open at least one lane to the north entrance.

The Northern Loop of the park, which includes Mammoth Hot Springs and Tower Roosevelt, will be closed for indefinitely as roadways within the area and leading to those entrances are completely wiped out and will need total reconstruction.

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"Many sections of road in (the park's northern areas) are completely gone and will require substantial time and effort to reconstruct," according to a June 14 news release. "It is probable that road sections in northern Yellowstone will not reopen this season due to the time required for repairs," CNN reported.

Image courtesy of The National Parks Service.

Park Officials have said the south loop will open June 22, 2022. To meet the demand, it will be enforcing an odd/even license plate system. The entire south loop where visitors can witness the Old Faithful geyser and see the Sulfur Springs in the Geyser Basin as well as many other awe-inspiring and Instagram moments will be accessible.

Image courtesy of The National Parks Service.


West Yellowstone Visitor Center, nearest the most popular entrance of the park at West Yellowstone, Montana, will be open for guests. No overnight camping will be permitted until July 1, 2022.

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For more information on Yellowstone National Park visit the National Park Service website.

Image courtesy of The National Parks Service.

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