Copshop Review – A Wild, Explosive, Entertaining, Thrill Ride

Copshop, from Open Road Pictures, presents a wild, riotous, explosive thrill ride as the local sheriffs in the desolate Nevada desert face off against a team of trained killers in an attempt to collect on a contract hit.

The film begins with images of a gun-slinging female rookie sheriff deputy, played by Alexis Louder, and her Captain, out in the middle of nowhere when they get a call of a disturbance at a local casino.

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Meanwhile, a mysterious stranger, with the pedal to the metal, in a beat up, bullet-ridden Crown Vic, is tearing through the Nevada desert. With the lights of the casino in front of him, he ditches the car and makes his way to the disturbance where our female rookie sheriff, Valerie, is attempting to calm the crazies fighting in the parking lot.

Cutting across the screen, someone lands a single sucker-punch on our rookie, who for a moment appears to be down. The puncher is Teddy Murretto, played by Frank Grillo, who is hoping to get arrested in a desperate plan to hide from the notorious hitman Bob Viddick, played by Gerard Butler.

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Valerie picks herself up and releases her taser and the puncher is immediately felled, and for good measure she zaps him again and one more time. Soon we are back at the station house with a dozen or so deputies, an angry captain wanting his evidence locker report from deputy Huber, played by Ryan O’Nan, who we find out is on the take and stealing kilos of cocaine, the local drunk sleeping it off, and now Teddy Murretto.

Soon the local, in the middle of nowhere, sheriff station is becoming quite busy as another drunk, Bob Viddick, played by Gerard Butler, also gets himself arrested. We also see that Viddick who has been placed in the opposite cell as Murretto, was faking drunk, and is known as a bad ass assassin.

The first rule of divide and conquer is distraction, so our man Viddick was booked with a modernized version of smoker bomb, encased in what looked like a cellphone battery charger. In minutes after he is locked up, the smoker goes off and the fire alarm sounds. Viddick, who is in the drunk tank, takes the local drunk who by this time was explaining he could seriously do some serious damage to his cellmate.

In minutes diversion number two, brings the captain and several deputies into the holding cells where Viddick has just busted the trachea of his cellmate. He takes the sheriff out with single hit, pulls his weapons from his holster, and points the gun at Murretto.

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Suddenly, Valeria our rookie, points her six-shooter at his head and explains, calmly to put the gun down.

When the arrival of a competing assassin, Anthony Lamb, played by Toby Huss, ignites all-out mayhem, mounting threats force Viddick to get creative if he wants to finish the job and escape the explosive situation. As chaos begins to percolate, Valerie decides to find the truth. Soon an unbelievable story filled with big names, corruption, drug money, murders, fixers, and assassins, unfolds.

Copshop, a gun-slinging all-out war, as the two competing contract killers fight for the bounty due on the completion of the hit and find themselves in the middle of a bigger battle with more powerful forces. Entertaining and fast moving, Copshop is a wild, riotous, rip-roaring shoot-‘em-up, take no prisoners, high body count, action flick.

Copshop opens in theaters September 17, 2021. Check local listings.

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Country: USA.

Release Date: September 17, 2021.

Running Time: 107 minutes.

Directed By: Joe Carnahan.

Written By: Kurt McLeod, Joe Carnahan.

Produced By: Mark Williams, Tai Duncan, Warren Goz, Eric Gold, Joe Carnahan, Frank Grillo, Gerard Butler, Alan Siegel, James Masciello.

Executive Producers: Tom Ortenberg, Matthew Sidari, Scott Putman, Robert Simonds, Adam Fogelson, John Friedberg.    

Starring: Gerard Butler, Frank Grillo, Alexis Louder, Toby Huss, Chad L. Coleman, Ryan O’Nan, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Robert Walker-Branchaud, Kaiwi Lyman, Christopher Michael Holley, Marshall Cook and Tracey Bonner.

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