THE TOWER, From Director Kim Ji-hoon and CJ Entertainment, Presents a Disaster Film For The Ages

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The Tower, from Korean Director Kim Ji-hoon and The Tower Pictures, is burning through the global market, after a Number 2 Box Office opening, with its super intense, dramatic, mega adrenaline rush action.

Distributed by CJ Entertainment, The Tower, stars Sul Kyung-gu as Fire Captain Kang Young-kee, Son Ye-jin as Tower Sky’s Restaurant Manger Seo Yoon-hee and Kim Sang-Kyung as Dae-ho, Operation and Facilities Manager. The Tower also stars Mina Cho as Ha-na, the precocious daughter of Dae-ho. The Tower was wriiten by Kim Sang-don.

The Tower begins on Christmas Eve 2011 at SKY TOWER, a 108 floor twin tower retail, restaurant and residential luxury building, the most exclusive address in Seoul. The cities elite have gathered for a VIP invitation only Christmas/Holiday party at the request of developer.

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Every year the buildings developer and chairman hosts a VIP Christmas Eve Party that is attended by politicians, dignitaries, and a virtual who’s who. It is the party. Tower Sky is run Dae-ho the Head of Operations who oversees the vast engineering, mechanical and safety regulations. The many restaurants, food courts and residential offerings are prepared in a master chef kitchen run by Seo Yoon-hee and her staff.

As the beauty of the holidays unfolds the chairman goes as far as adding the finishing touch on a White Christmas for all and orders helicopters with snow making machines to fly around TOWER SKY and blanket the evening sky a beautiful white Christmas!

As the helicopters are circling they catch an updraft and begin to lose control. The snow machine tethered to the helicopter swings uncontrollably, and smashing windows along the building until it anchors itself into the building and pulls the helicopter into the building. It explodes.

The Tower, although it may be a combination of Towering Inferno, Backdraft and September 11, 2001, it exemplifies the courage and bravery of firemen around the world. The rescue scenes are unlike any other. Captain Kang Young-kee leads a team and his years of service, devotion and dedication are revered and the viewer learns early that "he is a legend." The firemen are a fun loving, dedicated, crew, with a brotherhood sense of humor.

As Firehouse 51 heads to TOWER SKY, the director explains through the eyes of each, the assessment of the situation: from the Captain who determines it a rescue only mission; to the Chief who refuses to let the fire win; to the newbie, wide eyed and scared.

For anyone who wonders how one could rush into a burning building, this film is for them. It has it all. Rescue scenes that are without a doubt the most dramatic portrayed in a very long time. The Chief is a maniac! Knowing and respecting the fire, he makes decisions that the normal lay person can’t understand.

The rescue scenes are very dramatic and poignant. The performances resonates with authenticity, as least what and how one would expect one to respond, from calm, composed to sheer panic.

The Tower is soul stirring igniting somewhere in the smoldering ashes of memories the heavy losses felt at the FDNY a grieving that never stops. Although Director Kim Ji-hoon isn’t American his depiction is as close to being inside the Twin Towers on September 11 as any film to date.

Somewhere in his mind during the making of the film had to be the thoughts that the two events, the fantasy and the reality, would be compared. He honors every firefighter in the accurate and poignant portrayal of these courageous and brave men who risk their lives to save lives.

The Tower is incredibly well made and directed, amazingly acted. It is an all around winner! It is Korean with English subtitles. The beginning is charming; as two very accomplished adults stumble through romantic gestures unsure of themselves and each other.

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Opening in Korea in December to the Number 2 box office spot The Tower quickly over took any challengers. Jumping to the U.S. market it is in select cities and its dramatic action driven plot is burning through select major cities into wide release.

The Tower has it all: dramatic rescue scenes,  heightened suspense, special effects, pyrotechnics that have you on the edge of your seat, thermal fracking, structures destabilizing, and an at sea rescue! And just when you though the adrenaline thrill ride was over, the final scenes of The Tower are even more powerful, emotional, affecting and resonating! The Tower is a must see! A disaster film for the ages!

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